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About us

We are NY-NJ based furniture website, trying to provide best service at the best prices to customers looking for furniture online in NY-NJ-CT-PA area.

We launched our first website, www.comfyco.com in October, 2006 and received many positive comments about functionality, design and good customer service.

We strive to provide with best customer service and best service overall, offering you home delivery service, FREE in many areas. A very small number of internet companies does such a thing.

We are looking forward to go on providing you with best service and prices, and welcome you to the world of FURNITURE.

Why us?

Our prices are just so affordable that no one can beat them. Guaranteed.

We offer only quality furniture that we know, not just 'any' furniture to sell.

We deliver and assemble (for the certain states only), providing best white-glove delivery service available (this only applies to NY-NJ-CT-PA areas, please call for detail)

We do NOT give empty promises and do NOT provide you with a fake dates.

We take care of every single customer individually, trying to provide the best possible experience for you.