San Diego, CA
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About Us

Since 2006, Comfyco has been providing the New York/New Jersey and surrounding areas with the best quality furniture coupled with unbeatable service, at amazing values.

Best Quality Furniture

We only offer the best quality furniture in a wide variety of styles, finishes, material and fabrics. For more affordable lineups we carefully select our suppliers. For more expensive products we try to obtain top of the line important products from Europe, Spain, Italy and Portugal. We're confident you can find the perfect fit for your space and taste and most importantly - for your budget.

Unbeatable Service

We walk you through the entire process. We (or delivery team) will call you to set up your delivery time. No one will leave boxes at the door unless you want us to. When our drivers arrive, they will be courteous, clean and respectful of your home. For an extra fee you can even order assembly (this is valid for certain ares only). We handle only furniture and have enormous experience in this.

Our Furniture is not the best fit for those:

Who shop only for the lowest price. There's plenty of larger retailers around who will ship you 'affordable' product which most likely won't serve you for any reasonable amount of time. We don't sell these types of products.

Also our products are not good fit for those who want their products thrown at their sidewalk today or tomorrow. We're not going to take a longer than needed time to handle your order, but we'll make sure we'll handle it with care and provide inside placement or assembly where applicable. Furniture is beautiful but heavy and bulky product. You don't want to handle it in unessesarily hasteful way.

Our Furniture is best for those:

Who loves style, exclusivity, careful handling and individual approach. We mean all these things and will help you every step along the way. We are always attentive to your order handling and will make sure every step of your furniture jorney from a factory warehouse to your home is done right.

Almost all of our customers are returning to us for all their furniture needs years after the first purchase.

We are genuinely proud of it.

Amazing Values

The prices for quality and service like this are so affordable that no one can beat them. We guarantee it.
We offer only quality furniture that we know, not just 'any' furniture to sell. We don't sell bad quality or cheap merchandise.
We deliver inside, providing best, fastest white-glove delivery service available. Furniture is heavy, bulky product - best to leave it to professionals!
We take care of every single customer individually, trying to provide the best possible experience for you.
We do NOT give empty promises and do NOT provide you with a fake dates.