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July 22, 2019

10 tips for measuring up your furniture space

Over the years of experience of selling furniture online (+ delivering it to people's houses) we here at comfyco gained a lot of knowledge and experience which we want to share with you. Quite surprisingly, we were shocked to find out how easily people sometimes buy furniture online judging simply by 'looks' without thinking if the product going to fit to their particular room / etc. and having problems afterwards. With this article, we hope, we'll help someone to be a smarter buyer - with furniture it's especially important.

Measure your furniture

Tape measure is the must :) Don't order furniture without measuring your space

Measurements - #1 thing when choosing your new furniture. For some products, like ottomans and coffee tables measurements are probably not that important, but for sofas, sectionals, sofa beds and especially - beds, they are extremely important. Factories or manufacturers of furniture are usually VERY precise when providing us (and other furniture stores) measurements: mistakes/typos sometimes happen but they are usually corrected in timely matter.

1. Get a normal tape measure! They cost pennies and they're a great help. Construction style tape measure is preferred, with 60-80+ inches of measuring length at least.

2. Measure up a space where you want to place your new couch/bed using measurement you found on a website (they are usually under measurements/dimensions). Use something small and visible for determining the edges / limits. We always suggest using some smaller items, like glasses, vases, bottles, soda cans or really anything standing, anything that has some little height to it - it will help you visualize.

3. Measurements on a website usually pretty clear, but sometimes they can be confusing, for example on Elegant Sectional Sofa we have a measurement like this:

W92/79"x D31/66"x H33"

Elegant Sectional Sofa

When there are 2 measurements given it's typically for extensions or bed size as on this sectional

What does it mean? Obviously, 92 is main length of the sofa and 66 is 'length' of a chase part, where 79 is basically the length of a sleeping area (it might mean different things but, in this case, we just need to measure up the biggest measurement rectangular we need to compare our space to, in this case it is 92 x 66). 33, if you're wondering, is a depth of a sofa part itself.

We always urge people to think about measurements for furniture in 'rectangular'. For example, sectional measurement is 121 x 85. That means this sectional will take a 121 x 85 rectangular space.

4. Take all the things into consideration: skirting boards, window frames, door openings etc.

5. Never order a piece that is 1 inch to 1 inch of a size of your space. For example, never order a couch which is 80 inches and you have exactly 80 inches space between walls. Just trust us on this.

Measuring up your furniture limits

Always have a couple of extra inches

6. With beds, that do come typically unassembled, it's important to consider the size of the headboard, that are usually 1 single piece, coming in 1 single unbreakable box. In case of oversized 1-piece headboard, you might have a problem when carrying it in (even if the bed would look awesome in your bedroom). We have few beds that people ordered without thinking and they had a problem with them, for example, famous Bliss beds are quite known for their amazing appearance and style and also for their humongous headboard.

7. A very important thing people tend to forget about: just use those glasses, soda cans / etc. we mentioned before to see how much space you would have to WALK. Furniture is great, bulky furniture is 'rich', 'royal'-looking and all but that really matters little if you are unable to walk. The room should be visually and literally pleasant to walk in and should have a space to breathe freely.

8. Turns and entrances. All houses/condos/apartments are built with furniture in mind, but older places / second floors / staircases have some limits on what can be carried in / up. Check your turns, check your staircase ceilings, check your staircase handles. Please think about all possible turns and furniture you want to order.

9. Traditional, heavy, rolled arm style furniture is typically large, pre-built, pre-assembled and meant only for 1st floors / bigger houses. We're talking about some classical style sofas for example, those kind of sofas. That would probably look great in guest room under the roof, but will it fit there?

10. Please think before ordering your furniture. If you are not sure don't be afraid to ASK US or furniture store before you buy. That's why we're here for!

We usually ask people to send us a small video / pictures of the entrances / etc. if we know some of the products customers are ordering have had some issues before - issues meaning entrance issues. It will be much easier for you and for us if we both think about that upfront.

Just never be afraid to ask, we're here to help.

Hopefully these little tips will help someone. One and most important thing as a conclusion: always think about your furniture purchase. Furniture is tough, bulky, hard product to return / handle. Choose it with heart, approve it with your brain and it will stay with you for a long time bringing you years of comfort and enjoyment.

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