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August 9, 2022

5 Best Curios and Chinas 2022

We don't have a lot of choice in Curios and Chinas category, but some models here are truly stand out. Our customers love both styles evenly - classical and sleek modern. Which one do you love most?

1. Arredoclassic Melodia Day China

china from melodia set

Our absolutely breathtaking primary selection of amazing furniture creations from Arredoclassic Italy - designed and fully manufactured in Italy. This is absolutely top of the line furniture with top designs mostly in neo-classical style. Melodia model features dining set and bedroom in a same style that will take your breath away.

2. Kiu China from Franco Spain

kiu china

Franco Spain specializes on tasty, sleek modern creations, including a variety of dining room furniture. This Kiu china with built-in led is a true joy to contemporary furniture lovers.

3. Acme Devayne China

acme devayne china

Acme has a solid chinas and curios lineup - mostly in traditional styles. Their curios are typically part of a larger dining set model selection, but in any case, are perfect candidates for a separate purchase.

4. Windmere Curio from Furniture of America

foa windmere curio

Furniture of America solid linup of chinas is also tends to be more traditional and classical, with few exceptional models to choose from.

5. Status Italy Elegance China

elegance china from status italy

Status Italy specializes in modern designs. This Elegance china is relatively inexpensive and amazing white finish contemporary china / display unit.

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