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May 13, 2022

6 Best Leather Sofas and sets 2022

We have our main sofas separated in two groups - leather and fabric, since we know a lot of our customers browse strictly by fabric or leather preference. In most cases person 99% knows if they need leather couch. So here, we list top leather couches (those are typically models with optional loveseats and chairs) from sales numbers and overall visibility + some other metrics.

These are the most popular models true to today's date, exceptional designs that proven a great track record over the years and months. Enjoy.

1. Victoria Dark Brown Couch from Coaster

dark brown coaster sofa victoria

Coaster leather sofas lineup features a few key models, but this Victoria set has been around for a while and Coaster still keeps it running. That amazing traditional design with carved legs and tufted seats proven to be one of the most popular during the years.

2. ESF Apolo Ivory

traditional apolo ivory leather sofa

ESF has quite a few unique models in leather lineup, and Apolo tends to be the most popular. True traditional and posh design, which is interesting since ESF overall focus lies in ultra-contemporary products.

3. J&M Soho White

soho white couch

If you'll search for leather sofas from J&M - Soho will be one of the first models to be found. Amazing example of modern flare, this Soho couch is extremely popular. Low-profile, adjustable headrests and 2 other colors to choose from: black and gray. Stunning.

4. Napoli Two-Toned


Mainline leather sofas use mostly bonded leather which means those are relatively inexpensive. Which doesn't mean though, they're not attractive. One of best-selling models all around is amazing Napoli sofa sets - they come also in other color like red, black and gray, but two-toned version is most popular.

5. Engage Tan Sofa

engage tan leather couch

Specializing mainly in mid-century designs Modway leather couches lineup offers a few distinct and recognizable models. Engage seems to be one of the most popular, however other ones are quite attractive too.

6. Julie White Leather Sofa

julie white leather sofa

A true classic on its own, Julie Sofa in white offers unprecedented comfort and style. Coming from a Beverly Hills leather sofas collection this couch is quite a stunning design and very comfortable. Also comes in black color.

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