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January 22, 2022

Best 7 Accent Cabinets for 2022

Here are some of the most popular accent cabinets for 2022. Well, not entirely correct - here are the BEST accent cabinets for 2022, based on 2021-2022 sales. These models were leaders in our sales in accent cabinets category. These units are typically sold standalone as people need some nice piece in dining room or walkway to enhance their home ambience, style. While improving storage needs, obviously.

1. CS367 Accent Cabinet from Coaster

950367 accent cabinet reclaimed wood

Beauty from reclaimed wood. This is truly eye-catching piece - looking amazing on any kind of light or white wall. Exceptional quality, hand-crafted in India. Perfect cabinet for natural wood lovers.

2. CS357 Accent Cabinet from Coaster

950357 accent cabinet in antique green

Antique green accent cabinet & display unit from Coaster featuring antique green wood finish and bronze hardware. Perfect styling makes this one of the top models.

3. CS595 Accent Cabinet from Coaster

102595 cabinet in mirrored finish

Glam style mirrored panel accent cabinet. There are many mirrored panels cabinets, and this one proudly gets one of the top spots.

4. CS822 Accent Cabinet from Coaster

950822 accent cabinet in gray finish

Gray finish accent cabinet is one of the true bestsellers. Very sophisticated and fitting design of carvings on the front drawers gives this cabinet a unique styling.

5. CS825 Accent Cabinet from Coaster

950825 cabinet in mirrored finish

Another mirrored panels glam style cabinet. A nice feature of this cabinet is 3 middle drawers that give this cabinet a refreshing look.

6. CS376 Accent Cabinet from Coaster

953376 antique white cabinet

Absolutely stunning cabinet in antique white. Very tasteful details on front drawers. Bronze handles and hardware.

7. CS376 Accent Cabinet from Coaster

950736 blue sideboard / cabinet

Blue contemporary accent cabinet & sideboard. Slightly higher piece that serves perfectly as attention catcher + provides storage.

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