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April 5, 2022

7 Best Recliner Chairs 2022

Recliner chairs do not need to be matched - quite often bought as standalone piece for your living room, bedroom or pretty much any room in your house where you need a private ultimate relaxation chair just for yourself! We have quite a selection for recliner chairs, from different brands, using different materials and at different price ranges. Here are some of the most popular chairs for this year. Based on sales numbers.

1. Arcadia Recliner Chair from Acme

beige recliner chair

Light beige fabric, simple and stylish Acme recliner chair Arcadia, also available in other colors. One of the bestsellers.

2. Princeton Coaster full Leather Chair

dark brown leather chair

One of best quality full leather chairs from Coaster recliners lineup this Princeton chair is a thing of beauty. Part of larger set, should you want a matching sofa to it.

3. Gatria Black Leather Chair

black stitched leather chair

Furniture of America recliners have a wide variety of comfy recliners to choose from, Gatria model is one of top choices. Unique sleek styling features distinct stitching.

4. P6622 Model from Poundex

light tan microfiber recliner

Boss recliner lineup features the most affordable models that do not compromise on quality. This 6622 model is of the bestsellers.

5. CS397 Chocolate Recliner

chocolate microfiber chair

Another one from Coaster lineup, in warm chocolate microfiber.

6. G8311 White Recliner Chair

white leather tufted glam style recliner

Global has few very distinct and popular models in its lineup, but this 8311 truly stands out as it's pretty unique.

7. W599 Recliner Chair

bonded leather chair

La Spezia lineup features few chairs that can be shipped for free - which is a big deal. This chair is one of the most popular models so far.

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