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July 4, 2022

8 Best Beds 2022

Quite often people are just buying a bed, and bed only, without nightstands, dressers or anything else. For single beds we have a special category, where all of these are displayed. There are some clear winners in those designs, and we're here today sharing just the most popular models for now.

1. Hazel Beds from Galaxy

gray hazel bed

This design is without question, a most popular design of beds thus far. Circular shape, with tuftings all around, storage compartments in every part + few color options combined with attractive price: no wonder this bed is so popular. Out of Galaxy beds Hazel bed is a true winner of design, quality and price.

2. Da Vinci Bed from J&M

white da vinci bed

J&M beds lineup is not very large as they tend to get their focus in bedroom sets furniture category (means they have a little number of stand-alone pieces) but a few they have are absolute killers in quality and design, like this Da Vinci bed in white (that also comes in gray).

3. Fenbrook Gray bed from Coaster

gray storage fenbrook bed

With a plenty of amazing models to choose from Coaster beds collection will be a perfect choice for almost anyone. A very popular, one of a kind, Fenbrook storage bed is top choice for a lot of customers.

4. Violetta Purple Bed from Mainline

purple tufted bed

One of the most affordable lineups on our website, Mainline beds would have something for everyone. One of the top choices here is purple Violetta bed, which is extremely popular.

5. Rebekah gray tufted bed from ACME

gray tufted bed

This stylish full platform gray velver Rebekah bed from Acme stand-alone beds lineup is amazing product for the money. Style and craftsmanship are unprecedented.

6. Wolsey bed from Furniture of America

low-profile wolsey bed

A true contemporary furniture masterpiece, Wolsey low-profile bed from single beds of Furniture of America doesn't need to be introduced. A stunning piece of design, bold model from one of our best wholesalers.

7. Global 8269 White platform bed

8269 white bed

8269 model has been around for some time and still going strong. No wonder - it's one of the most popular low-profile beds there is, comes from Global beds lineup. It's low-profile and white leatherette finish are perfect combination for those sleek contemporary design seekers.

8. DOR 35 Special order bed from Franco Spain

DOR 35 special order bed

Special order products have some of the best designs in industry and look truly amazing. The only downside is: it's special order, that means you'd need to wait for quite a time. Franco Spain bed lineup has few designs you can't find anywhere else. If you're looking for quality, style and exclusivity look no further.

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