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January 30, 2022

8 Popular Dressers 2022

Dressers are quite often purchased separately. In most cases people move with old bedroom furniture or just realize they need an extra bedroom storage. It's totally understandable. Fortunately, we have a separate category for dressers, so you can easily choose your color and see what you might like. Also, you can grab pretty much any dresser from main bedroom category - they all are sold separately from sets. Dressers offer exceptional value for your bedroom storage needs - perfect for lingerie, underwear, t-shirts and pretty much all non-bulky clothes. See what our customers liked the most in 2021-2022!

Most of these are pictures with mirrors, but mirrors are never sold with dressers as a default. In case you need a mirror it's the best to purchase a dresser from main bedroom category.

1. Riley Dresser from Global

Riley silver / mirrored panel dresser

Very popular dresser from Global that's surprisingly quite inexpensive. People love its silver finish and glam style mirrored panels. True winner.

2. Giulia Matte Gray Dresser

J&M Stylish Giulia dresser in dark gray

Dark gray dresser from amazing J&M collection of dressers. There's very impressive J&M bedroom furniture, but some model dressers can be purchased only with mirrors. This one can be purchased separately.

3. Carmen Dresser from Franco Spain

White high-gloss dresser from Franco

Pure sleek contemporary style dresser from Franco Spain. Soft-closing mechanisms and overall unprecedented quality.

4. Lorraine Dresser from FOA

Glam Furniture of America dresser from Lorraine collection

Once again, a very nice glam style dresser from Furniture of America. Pure style and design.

5. Coaster Jessica White dresser

Casual style white dresser from Coaster

Simple, casual style 6-drawer stylish dresser from Coaster dressers collection. Doesn't have the best picture (common story) but overall great, affordable, quality product.

6. Acme Naima Gray Dresser

Gray stylish dresser from ACME

Gray stylish dresser from Naima collection. Acme dressers have quite a lineup. This dresser also has uneven drawers count + jewelry compartment.

7. Granada Dresser from Fenicia Spain

Granada white finish contemporary dresser

Pricey but overall amazing dresser from our friends at Fenicia Spain. True gem of contemporary furniture design. Quality and style.

8. Kamea dresser from Status Italy

Gray glossy finish dresser from Status

Italian furniture design at its best. Not the best picture, but best furniture. This glossy gray dresser from Status Italy dressers lineup finishes out list for now.

More to come next year since customer preferences always change.

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