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October 21, 2022

8 Best Fabric Sofas 2022

Fabric sofas are done in a various types of fabric. Typically, our customers prefer all fabric sofas in one category that's why we have all leather ones in a separate place. Here's most popular models for this year!

1. Frostine from Coaster

gray frostine sofa coaster

Very popular model of couches from large Coaster lineup. Proven design, good quality and customer record.

2. Verdante from Furniture of America

furniture of america verdante couch

Furniture of America has one of the most impressive collections of couches in all shapes, colors and fabrics. Verdante is pretty unique - this homey green color and nailheads are truly meant for each other.

3. Bursa from Empire Furniture USA

bursa sofa

Meyan Empire Furniture is typically the kings in storage sofa designs, but this new Bursa model got our customers right from the start. Cream color is very nice, but this couch also comes in black, gray and navy.

4. Dreena from Acme

gray frostine sofa coaster

For those in awe of traditional models, Dreena sofa from Acme if one of the best models in classic styles all around. Timeless design, quality manufacturing.

5. Natural from Istikbal

natural couch from istikbal

True leader in Turkish furniture design Istikbal carries a lot of very popular models that prove its efficiency and popularity over the years. 'Natural' series is among the very popular ones. This design feature is curved wooden arms that are functional and eye-catching.

6. Moderna from Galaxy

green moderna couch

Galaxy features few very popular models, but Moderna couch set in green truly stands out. All way tufting + golden legs are unique features of this design. Also comes in gray. Check out another Galaxy fabric sofas here.

7. Ingenuity from Modway

light blue couch

Specializing in mid-century designs Modway sofas lineup will have something for everyone. Colorful stylish sofas for any taste. Ingenuity model is among the most popular ones.

8. Mobymax from Casamode

storage sofa from casamode

The very best designs from Turkey Casamode sofas are functional, affordable and durable - and yes, they are very good-looking. Mobymax model has a proven record among the most popular couches around. Has few color options and optional pieces like chair and loveseat.

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