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October 23, 2008

About our Delivery

Amazingly enough, but our company started in Brooklyn NY as a small, very small firm consisting of 2 guys committed to provide customers a great delivery service + assembly for free.

To provide a full in-home delivery for free was always our goal #1. We proudly continuing to do so to most US Northeast locations.

Primarily it's New York City, of course. Boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Bronx are enjoying our completely free delivery service. There's no catch, no hidden fees, no levels of delivery: we simply do not believe in them. Not many companies do that. Manhattan, however, is completely different country: everyone who did drive a car in Manhattan knows it. It's impossible to park there, sometimes you can only leave a delivery truck a couple of blocks away, there are many regulations, rules, etc. For Manhattan we have to charge a delivery fee.

our delivery truck in 2008

Our first truck with custom graphics on sides :)

Our company moved to NJ to bigger warehouse and office space in 2010. We also provide a completely free delivery to any part of New Jersey, our home state. However, some areas, like Atlantic city area, south or deep west New Jersey parts could experience slower delivery times.

Also, we do provide free delivery to many other states and areas if the order is more than a certain amount, usually $500. Those areas include Massachusetts, Connecticut, Philly area of PA, Washington D.C., Baltimore areas of MD, DE. We are proud of our exceptional free delivery services, that does not only include simple unloading the box from the back of truck, but also inside placement and assembly if needed. Not many companies do that at all, and the ones that do, do not do it for free. We will try to maintain this type of service while Comfyco Furniture exists, and we hope our customers appreciate it.

There are certain little restrictions about our free delivery services. For example, we do not assemble some office furniture, some complicated wall-units that take more than 2 hours to assemble, etc. We also do not take any packaging left from delivery, since it's the part of the furniture you purchased. However, we can help you organize it. But in overall, this type of service, couldn't be any better.

This is oldest article we've had on old - and unfortunately (or fortunately) a lot have changed since then. We don't provide free delivery anywhere anymore. That truck on the picture was our first truck and longtime gone.

We just keep this article here for nostalgic reasons :)

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