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November 24, 2022

Accent items for the interior decoration

Home decoration is a sort of art. It's required to create a functional space, which will have a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. It's impossible to make a successful and unique design without certain accents, which attract attention and make the general picture complete. It might be easily reached with special accent items and their smart placement.


Most common accent items are wall art & photos

What are accent items?

Accent items are everything that can add more life to the interior decoration of a room. They usually become focal points and, at the same time, emphasize the furniture around and decoration of an area. Besides, accent pieces allow people to experiment with various styles, add bolder colors and patterns, and create trendy designs.

It's a smart idea to take benefit from accent items because there's no need for any global changes in order to modify the style of an area. The right choice of such pieces will save money and help create a special atmosphere.

Accent items can be represented by contrasting colors, original styles, unusual forms, etc. Consider a few examples of them:

  • Pictures (modular and traditional)
  • Lamps and chandeliers
  • Pillows
  • Mirrors
  • Plants and other natural elements
  • Vases
  • Area rugs
  • Baskets
  • Blankets
  • Certain furniture units.

Accent pieces complement the room and usually supplement the color palette used for an area.

chair accent

Furniture piece can be a primary-focus accent piece

Successful ideas to make accents in the interior

To easily transform your living space, we offer a few interesting ideas for accent items application:

  • Opt for a classic chest. Famous designers assure that such an element is able to effectively change any area by adding something vintage, romantic, and pretty. Such an item perfectly works for drawing rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens. Along with its decorative function, it is also extremely useful for the storage of linens and other things. Moreover, you obtain extra space for a lamp or certain accessories.

  • Rattan items. Such units were popular in the 1970s. And today, we can see that the trend is revived. Experts claim that rattan is timeless. Being a natural material, it can add something fresh to the space and enliven it. Natural-inspired elements are popular in general, so the use of rattan boxes, baskets, coffee tables, and even armchairs will add some charm to the decoration and create a warmer atmosphere. What's more, they perfectly match almost any style.

  • Diverse trays. Such items are not just decorative but also extremely functional. Place everything you like on them, including glasses, candles, vases, or whatever. Adding a few trays to the interior decoration will add certain chic and neatness to the design. Trays perfectly work for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and many other areas. Don't be afraid of playing with their forms and styles. Observe diverse variations and pick up those, which speak to your heart.

  • A pretty area rug. When a room seems to be too boring and dismal, an accent carpet can change the situation and make the area cozier and livelier. A rug can easily become a center of attention and define the placement of furniture items or other decorative elements. If you choose a minimalistic and calm design for a room, a colorful area rug will be a perfect choice to add colors and accents.

  • A bright ottoman. Such furniture items are wonderful functional and decorative elements. You can opt for a vintage unit to create a cozy romantic atmosphere. As an alternative, you can buy a modern colorful ottoman to make a focal point of your room.

  • Patterned pillows. One of the elegant ways to diversify the decoration and make bright accents in any room is to add pillows with different patterns and colors. Sometimes, there's no need to keep to a color palette. You are free to choose garish hints and geometric, animal, or complex patterns. As a result, the area will become lively. You can go further and opt for diverse textures and fabrics.

  • vases as accent

    Vases / coffee tables / wall art is perfect accent piece

  • Pictures. It's a nice way to make your living space more harmonious and complete. Pictures usually repeat statement walls and other accent items. Modular pictures are in trend now. It's a good option to choose abstractions for such pics. They look very stylish.

  • Lamps. They can supplement any living room or bedroom and make the space very warm and cozy. Lamps can be placed on coffee tables, nightstands, chests, and even TV stands. Lamps can be successfully integrated into the area when placed on the floor or on walls. To make an accent, you can choose an item with an original design or lighting. They can make accents by themselves or emphasize the objects around them.

Take benefit of various accent items and transform the atmosphere and style of your home with minimum effort.

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