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October 10, 2022

Area rug and its functions

Even the most luxurious and rich interior can't look complete without certain details and accessories. One of the important items in any house is an area rug. Many people consider this accessory unnecessary, and they are wrong. Let's observe the issue, functions, and benefits of nice area rugs in our article.

What's an area rug?

An area rug or carpet is a floor covering made of various textiles. Such an item usually has a certain backing and an upper layer, which is more soft and pleasant to touch. Initially, the upper layer is made of wool. However, the development of technologies and design allowed expanding the choice of materials. Thus, modern rugs can be created of:

  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Microfiber
  • Viscose
  • Sisal
  • Leather/animal skin
  • Jute
  • Faux fur
  • Sea grass
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Wool.

Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. For instance, natural materials are usually stronger and healthier, while synthetic fibers are more affordable. However, it's better to consider the characteristics of every single material to make the right choice.

Shapes, patterns, colors, sizes, and textures of area rugs might be various. The general functions of such items are as follows:

  • They hide imperfections on flooring
  • They complement the surrounding furniture and flooring
  • They make floors warmer (for example, if cold tiles are used)
  • They protect the flooring from scratches
  • They muffle sounds
  • They make the general interior more complete by uniting all the elements.

Modern area rugs might be used to supplement the existing decorations or to become a focal point of the room. The diversity of items allows choosing the right one for every room.

area rug

Great area rug will be a design element on its own

Types of area rugs

Today, there exist various kinds of rugs, which will match different interiors:

  • Needlepoint. Such items carry mostly a decorative function. They are very delicate and beautiful, which allows them to create a special point of attention in the room. It's recommended not to use them for high-traffic spaces (for instance, entryways). Otherwise, such rugs might get spoiled very soon.
  • Shag. It's one of the extremely popular types of rugs due to its incomparable softness achieved by long threads (traditionally made of Scandinavian wool). It might become a nice accent and a cozy area for adults or kids. However, to allow it to serve longer, better avoid placing such rugs in high-traffic areas.
  • Cut and Loop. Such rugs are a mixture of high cut-pile & low loop-pile designs. In the majority of cases, two shades are used to create a perfect item.
  • Flat Weave/Indian blankets. Such rugs are very thin and have a low pile. Such items are universal and affordable. They are characterized by lightness and can be used even for heavy-traffic areas, including kitchens, halls, and even offices.
  • Cut Pile. Such rugs are created of olefin, nylon, or wool (including blends). Such carpets are soft, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean. These are ones of the most popular variations of rugs, which are able to create real comfort.
  • Loop Pile. Such rugs are not very soft but extremely functional and durable. They are perfect for heavy traffic areas and can resist the prints prom furniture. It's recommended to purchase such items for drawing rooms and staircases. Note that they are more difficult to clean.
  • Oriental. This category actually includes all patterned pile rugs. Original oriental items are brought from China, India, Turkey, Iran, and other eastern countries. Such rugs are universal and can match any interior - including modern and retro. They are both functional and decorative.

Benefits of the item

Area rugs have many advantages, which can make every house owner think about a purchase:

  • The interior looks complete and additionally enhanced
  • Dark interiors might become brighter with a good area rug
  • It's possible to change or supplement the existing color scheme with a rug
  • Greater safety can be reached for kids
  • Rugs are easier to clean
  • Special decorative techniques might be implemented with area rugs (for instance, layering rugs)
  • The furniture will look anchored
  • The area will become cozier and more pleasant.

area rug sample #2

Good area rug will add coziness to any room

How to choose?

To buy a suitable rug, you need to:

  • Consider the area it will be located in (the amount of traffic and usage). It will help define the material and type of an item.
  • Think of a rug style, color, and print. It is required to consider the interior design of your house, the style of furniture, and many other aspects to choose a suitable rug.
  • Select a size. It depends on the area of placement. Note that the rug will complement the room only when it blends with the surrounding items. Thus, it's better to have at least a part of the bed/sofa staying on it. Take this rule into consideration when you select the size.

A suitable rug will bring a wide range of benefits to a house owner. It's a functional and decorative element, which is able to make your home a more comfortable place.

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