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December 15, 2023

Conquer Your Couch, Not Your Confidence

Why Furniture Assembly Isn't the Monster It Seems

Raise your hand if flat-pack furniture instructions send shivers down your spine. You're not alone! Fear of furniture assembly seems to be a universal rite of passage, conjuring images of exploded diagrams, misplaced dowels, and the lingering threat of splintered knuckles. But before you reach for the phone to dial the cavalry (aka, professional assembly services), take a deep breath and hear this: furniture assembly isn't the mythical beast it's made out to be. It is actually much, much easier that most people think.

The Satisfaction of the DIY Journey:

Yes, there are complex beasts out there, the multi-tiered entertainment centers (we have those in special wall-units section with enough hardware to launch a satellite. But for the absolute vast majority of your needs, furniture assembly falls squarely in the realm of achievable DIY project. Let's break down the myth, shall we?

Assembly Approaches Demystified:

  • IKEA-style: The king of clear instructions and numbered parts, this approach practically assembles itself. Just grab your trusty Allen wrench and follow the pictorial guide like a treasure map.
  • Pre-drilled and bolted: This one's for the sturdier pieces. With pre-marked holes and simple bolt-on construction, it's like adult Legos (minus the tiny, painful feet).
  • Slot and peg: Think dovetails and cam locks. These clever joinery methods require minimal tools and offer a satisfyingly snug fit. In most cases you will see right away where 'males' go and where 'females' go - and you don't even need instructions for that!

you don't need that many tools

Despite the popular fears in most cases you'll just need few basic tools for 99% of assembly tasks

Basic Tools Every Conqueror Needs (that you most likely have in home already):

  • Allen wrenches: Absolute essentials, usually provided in the flat-pack package. By the way, furniture manufacturers love to have things simple, and most furniture pieces would only have 1 size wrench for whole piece. And yes, they typically put that in the package.
  • Phillips screwdriver: A classic for those pesky wood screws.
  • Hammer: For gentle coaxing and the occasional wayward dowel.
  • Level: Ensure your bookshelf isn't plotting a bookcase-lean by keeping it straight and narrow.
  • Tape measure: Double-check those dimensions before drilling that crucial hole.

Remember, You Have Instructions (and Accomplishment Awaits):

Those little booklets tucked in the box aren't there just for decoration. They're your assembly roadmap, filled with visual cues and step-by-step guidance. Embrace them! And trust us, the sense of accomplishment that comes from conquering that flat-pack beast yourself is a reward worth the effort. Plus, you'll know you did it right, without the worry of misplaced bolts or wobbly legs. Even if your instructions are missing - no big deal as you can reach to seller and get those in timely manner.

Take a deep breath and forget the furniture-assembly anxiety! These pieces are engineered with ease in mind, crafted to be your DIY companion, not your nemesis. Screws? Often just one size, like trusty soldiers lined up to do their duty. Bolts? Made to fit perfectly, like puzzle pieces slotting into their pre-ordained spots. Doors? No guessing games! Handy little guides show you exactly where those hinges need to land. So relax, grab your toolbox, and embrace the satisfying click-clack of assembly. Remember, these pieces are designed to be your partners in creating a home you love, and a little elbow grease is all it takes to bring them to life.

assembly can be enjoyable process

Assembly can be very enjoyable + you have amazing accomplishment feeling in the end

For the Truly Assembly-Averse:

We get it. Some battles aren't meant to be fought alone. If the mere thought of a screwdriver sends you running, fear not! A plethora of outsourcing options awaits. Apps like Handy and TaskRabbit connect you with skilled assembly professionals who can tackle your furniture with the finesse of a seasoned warrior.

So, the next time that flat-pack box arrives, don't let fear be your first response. Take a deep breath, channel your inner MacGyver, and remember: with a little know-how and the right tools, you can conquer that furniture mountain and claim your DIY victory. And if not? There's always the cavalry, a tap away on your phone.

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