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September 23, 2022

Best color combinations for your bedroom

A bedroom is possibly one of the most important places in your house. It's an intimate space where you can relax and be alone with yourself after a hard and stressful working day. Thus, this room should be at least pleasant to stay in. Moreover, it should create a feeling of relaxation and safety. The choice of hints greatly depends on person's preferences. And still, there're a few rules to follow.

How to choose the right colors?

The majority of people prefer to have an atmosphere of calmness and lightness in their bedroom. To reach it, it's better to choose a lighter hue for walls. This color will become primary in the used palette. However, there're no strict rules. That's why you are free to select darker hints to create a more intimate and romantic space. The following tips will help define the best idea for interior design:

  • Search for inspiration. There're dozens of Internet magazines where you can find nice ideas for the future bedroom color. If you get confused with a wide choice, select the most attractive pics and then choose the basis for your room.
  • Create an interior based on the furniture. It should always be a part of a selected color palette, so think about the primary hue you have and choose a few schemes, which contain it. Besides, it's possible to use the floor, area rug, and other large elements as a basis.
  • To emphasize the furniture or decoration, use more neutral colors. The most traditional neutrals are black, white, gray, creamy, and their shades. Such colors look smooth and soft in the interior.
  • It's better not to choose extremely bold colors. They might be too much for a bedroom. Until you're absolutely sure the bright shade will work, it's recommended to select calmer hues. For instance, if you want to use red, add some white color to make it look softer. Brighter colors are acceptable for smaller elements of the decor.
  • Try to choose a suitable color family to be able to perfectly combine all the elements. Remember that different colors might create different feelings in your bedroom:

dark violet bedroom

Violet / contrasting colors would look stunning

  • Yellow/peach adds happiness and coziness
  • Light blue makes the room more peaceful and relaxing
  • Green will make the bedroom look natural and create a feeling of calmness and conciliation
  • Red or orange hints can bring passion to the interior
  • Violet and its shades create a romantic atmosphere.

There're different ways to make your bedroom nice and unique. It's possible to use different colors for walls (to make one of them emphasized), add extra shades for the ceiling, and use the play of the light to make special accents on certain colors.

The most successful combinations for a bedroom

Speaking about the latest trends, we can mention that naturalness runs the show, so more natural colors, textures, and elements will be the best choice for a trendy bedroom. It's also possible to add floral motives. Just remember that big prints don't match large objects and vice versa.

Speaking about universal solutions for a bedroom, there're a few types of colors, which always work and stay fashionable:

  • Neutral shades. It's a perfect choice for a cozy and not heavy atmosphere. Besides, neutrals are easy to combine. For a bedroom, it's preferable to select ivory, tan, gray, and white. You can also opt for black but be careful not to go too far. The most pleasant thing about neutral shades is that they perfectly match bright colors. Thus, feel free to add brighter accents to make your space more vivid.
  • Pastel colors. Such shades are close to neutrals, but they are characterized by softness and relaxation. The best choices for a bedroom include lavender, green, light yellow, soft blue, and pink hues.
  • Expressive shades. If you're a true fan of bold shades, you can try them for walls. The best variations are coral, deep green, and dark blown. However, there're several rules to follow when choosing an expressive color:

teal / blue bedroom

Bedroom made in teal / blue shades w/ golden trims

  • Don't use one color for all walls
  • Choose a lighter color for the rest of the walls
  • Make an emphasis on the length of the wall with a darker shade
  • Note that dark colors make the space smaller.

Consider several popular and beautiful combinations, which are perfect for almost any style:

  • Cream and brown
  • White and indigo
  • White and lavender
  • Light blue and yellow
  • Moss green and tan
  • Various shades of gray.

No matter, which colors you choose for a bedroom, the key thing is to create an atmosphere of comfort to let you rest. Make certain that the colors nicely combine with each other and create an interior of your dream.

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