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November 24, 2022

The best patterns to use in 2022

One of the interesting and effective ways to make your interior stand out is to use various patterns in the design. There exist various types of them - stripes, geometric patterns, florals, motif patterns, animal, complex patterns, and many others. For any decorator, it's important to know how to successfully use and mix those patterns. Besides, to achieve stylish and elegant interior design, it's vital to be aware of the latest trends. Let's observe the best patterns to use in 2022 to make your home look awesome.

Patterns in trend

The usage of patterns is a very good idea to create a unique decoration of a room. The year 2022 continued the tendencies of the previous years and added several new things to the way the space is decorated. The most popular and trendy patterns for today are as follows:

  • Florals and nature-inspired patterns. The boost in popularity of such prints happened in 2020 when people had to stay at home and create the whole new world inside their houses to feel comfortable. This type of pattern is able to refresh and liven any interior. They add something natural and human to the boring decorations. It's a very good idea to use various nature-inspired surfaces (for example, stoneware, marble, wood), fabrics with floral patterns, natural objects (such as flowers, sculptures, various accessories, and decorative elements), floral wallpapers, etc.

  • best patterns

    There are plenty pattern inspirations you can get

  • Bold prints and hints. Today, designers are not afraid of bright and flashy colors and prints. They allow adding certain joy to everyday life and make us happier. Such patterns are a good choice not just for walls but also for furniture fabrics (for instance, for sofas). One of the prominent examples of bold patterns is animal print. Adding a skin of a wild animal, for example, to the wall, we can create a strong statement and make a general picture unique. Dalmatian print is one of the most popular today. Another example is the usage of complex patterns with diagonal and crisscrossing lines in various colors. It's required to carefully select colors in order not to go too far.

  • Thin geometrics. Such patterns have been popular for a few years already. They are extremely graceful and easy to use. The best choice is thin lines in patterns. They look very stylish and will create a trendy interior design. Experts recommend choosing such patterns for walls to make a nice accent. Besides, geometric wallpapers are universal and can be used in combination with various colors or patterns and for different rooms. Such designs will never look "too much".

  • Chintz patterns. It might be called a variation of florals. However, it deserves more attention by itself. Such a print used to be very popular for the decoration of English country houses. In the past, such wallpapers were used for all walls. Today, the trend has slightly evolved. And chintz print is recommended to be chosen for just one 'statement wall'. It's additionally possible to add a few decorative elements with the same print such as cushions, area rugs, and pictures. Such patterns create a romantic vintage style.

  • Art deco prints. It's a special movement in the decorative arts and architecture, which is extremely popular for interior design as well. Patterns, which refer to this style, are widely used for modern furniture - beds, chairs & armchairs, tables, nightstands, dressers, etc. The items with such a style are characterized by geometric detailing and shapes, exotic woods, jewel-tone hints, lacquer, mirrored finishes, and bright metal accents. Thanks to such furniture, it's possible to create luxurious interiors and elegant designs.

best patterns

Prints and paints are key elements for interesting patterns

How to successfully use popular patterns?

Now, you know all patterns in trend. In order to effectively use them for your interior decoration, read our expert tips:

  • Try to experiment with different sizes of patterns. For example, if you select geometrics for wallpapers, you can repeat the same print on a coffee table or pillows but in a smaller interpretation. It's a good idea, which can make the design complete.
  • Art deco patterns perfectly match animal prints. For example, if you have a dresser with mirrored details, supplement it with a leopard area rug.
  • Use one color scheme and keep to it. Even when various patterns are combined, it's vital to use matching colors from one palette to make the space look harmonious.
  • Don't use more than 4 patterns for one room. It's the designers' rule of thumb, which allows avoiding an overwhelming feeling.
  • Keep to a balance. There're patterns, which don't match. And you, as a designer, should feel it. For example, vintage chintz patterns don't go well with stripes. Thus, make sure the selected patterns create a general image together before using them.

Keep our recommendation and the most popular patterns in 2022 in mind and choose the best furniture and decorations for a successful design of your home.

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