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October 7, 2016

Best 5 Sectional Sofas for 2016 on

Here, we want to present our best 5 sectionals, based both on sales and also on our subjective opinion. It doesn't mean you would have to buy them, but most people can't be wrong, as they say :)

1. Moon Sectional By Sunset
moon sectional opened

This amazing sectional was a best-selling item for ages. Sunset Furniture is truly one of the Best Turkish companies out there. As well and nicely known, Turkish furniture manufacturers love to have their furniture 1) Sturdy 2) Versatile.

Moon Sectional is truly great product and serves all of that really well. First of all, it's really made nicely, made to last. It's solid. Secondly, you can have both chaise and sofa part assembled on either side, which is a great feature indeed. Also, both pieces become flat in order to be a bed, when needed. And finally, they both open up for storage.

Moon also comes in lighter brown color.

2. GL633 GREY By Glory Furniture
633 gray sectional

Great overall sofa series made exclusively by Glory last year in many colors, but for some reason (who knows, really?) grey appeared to be the most popular color. Made in soft microfiber this amazing piece truly catches your eye. This sectional also can come in right-facing shape.

3. GL290 By Glory Furniture
290 sectional

GL290 is already a classic. For some reason people really love when two deep brown colors - one from leather and the other one from soft, warm microfiber are mixed. This color combination was the most popular. This sectional also can come in right-facing shape.

4. Darie By Coaster Furniture
darie sectional coaster

Darie comes in 2 colors: black (on the picture) and chocolate brown. Both are extremely popular, hopefully not only because of the price.

5. Natural by Sunset Furniture
natural sectional w/ storage

Natural is very similar to the Moon, but only better! This amazing sectional also has a storage on both parts, also reversible, also transfers to a bed. And it ALSO comes in few different colors as well: colins brown, prestige brown, valencia grey and of course orginal light brown.

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