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January 7, 2022

In-store or online?

That's a question that the average person today ponders for nearly every shopping decision.

The furniture market is worth close to $546 billion and is growing at a 5.4% rate. Many shoppers are now choosing to buy furniture online instead of in-store.

Is it safe to buy furniture online? What should you know about online furniture shopping?

buying online is safe and convenient

Nobody rushes you're considering buying online or affects your decision making

We've got you covered. If you aren't sure if it's a good idea to buy furniture online, put your mind at ease with the points below.

You'll Have a Wider Selection to Choose From

Today, close to 80% of the United States population shops online. This represents 265 million people!

The big takeaway is that people have options and aren't shy about exploring them. A big purchase such as a large piece of furniture should involve as much shopping around as possible.

Online furniture retailers can show you everything they have in stock from various shipping locations. An in-person store has smaller inventory and must check with other locations whenever they don't have an item in stock.

Shopping online also provides more furniture store options. Check out some buying furniture online reviews to find out about other people's experiences with different stores.

You will have peace of mind knowing that you exhausted all your options.

It's Possible to Save Some Money

Who doesn't like to save money?

You're more likely to get a cheaper price when buying furniture online. Web-based stores offer plenty of furniture discounts and promotions that you can take advantage of.

These discounts might be seasonal, first-time customer promotions, coupon codes, referral codes, and so much more. You'll get more bang for your buck on high-quality furniture choices.

More options mean a greater likelihood of finding a can't-miss deal.

Online Furniture Dealers Can Provide Speedy Delivery

Getting to know the delivery cost is one of the most important buying furniture online tips to consider.

Today's online furniture stores try their best to compete with in-person stores. They compete by offering speedy shipping and other incentives.

in most cases you will have your order delivered very fast

In most cases furniture is shipped to you really fast

Many online furniture stores offer free shipping, or rates comparable to those found in stores. This makes the decision a no-brainer.

Shopping Online Is Far More Productive

Shopping for furniture in person means getting in the car, braving traffic, and going from store to store until you find what you want. When you shop online, you'll quickly decide whether the store has what you need and can browse nearly endless options until you find it. Our local New York and New Jersey stores can be overwhelming, while still can't provide a variety found online.

Going online is by far the most productive way to shop and will help you get the most bang for your buck.

It Lets You Know What's in Stock

Shopping for furniture online will also let you know what's in stock. These stores keep detailed inventory and will take away options that are sold out or on backorder.

They also will let you know what date you can expect to get a furniture item back in stock.

You Can Still Shop Locally Online

Supporting local businesses is an environmentally conscious decision that also helps to sustain your local economy. If you love supporting your own, rest assured that you can still do that when you shop online.

Many of your local furniture stores have online options that can save you a trip. You can buy a piece online and either arrange to pick it up or have it delivered and installed.

Online furniture stores are constantly tweaking their local search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for this reason. You'll appreciate the feeling of supporting local businesses without having to sacrifice convenience.

Online Shops Can Give You Quick Approval for Furniture Financing

Finding the best financing is a big part of learning how to buy furniture. Most online furniture sites have a built-in financing application you can fill out.

You'll get quick approval from the financial institutions that the store partners with. This lets you enter an affordable payment plan for any furniture item that you don't plan to pay with cash. We have two options, PayPal Financing or Affirm Financing and both works very well should you consider to finance you purchase.

Buying Furniture Online Is Low Stress

You can't put a price tag on the stress relief that you get from shopping online.

In a holiday shopping survey, close to 70% of people list waiting in long lines as their top stressor. Another 36% cited fear of going over their budget. These matters apply any time of year.

Shopping online cuts out a lot of these stressors. There are no lines with online shopping, and you're always a browser tab away from checking your bank balance.

Shopping Online Is Safe During the Pandemic

Don't lose sight of the health and safety benefits of shopping online. It's the best option for someone seeking to social distance or limit contact during the pandemic.

The deliverers will enter your home wearing masks and can set up your furniture with limited contact. COVID aside, you will also appreciate shopping online during flu season and other virus outbreaks.

Buy Furniture Online from a Quality Retailer

The points above explain some benefits you'll appreciate when you buy furniture online. Look no further than online shopping the next time you need to purchase furniture for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any other part of your home.

Comfyco Furniture is happy to help you with any furniture purchase that you're considering. We have a long-standing tradition of helping customers like you decorate their homes with care.

Send us a message using our contact form, use our live chat, or give us a call at (732)893-8900 or (732)893-8899.

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