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April 22, 2022

Why would you need a chaise lounge?

Well, let's face it - furniture is necessity. Not like food or water, but still - it's one of the primary things that make our lives easier and more comfortable.

While no one argues about some major furniture products like good quality couch, bed or mattress there are many furniture products and classes that are considered quite 'secondary' and in most cases people skip those things. Chaise lounge is one of those things - you can live without one, but would you really want to?

What is chaise lounge? Is that a chair?

According to Wiki, chaise lounge is a long sofa in a shape of chair. Originated from 16th century France (yes, those kings gave the world a lot of ultimate luxury products plus modern top of the line French cuisine, yum), chaise lounge became an ultimate luxury and comfort synonym and a symbol. Designed for ultimate comfort of one person it is a staple of furniture enjoyment and style. You may want one for just this thought.

Is it really a chair or a sofa? We'd say it's somewhere in a middle, but size-wise most chaises are closer to sofa (or even loveseat), functionality-wise it's more like a chair - since those are designed with 1 person in mind. Literal translation is 'long chair', so here's that.

There are chairs that straight, and there are ones that curve in elegant, human-body following way. Latter ones look absolutely gorgeous. Some of the lounge chairs have an armrest, but if they do - it's usually on one size. For easy access.

These chairs are typically quite close to the ground - everything about them should be comfy and easy, including the access to the chair itself.

classic chaise lounge

chaise is curvy elegant furniture piece

Where and how you can use a lounge chair?

As said before, chaises are designed for ultimate comfort of one person. You can really feel yourself a royalty comfortably thinking about the issues of the state. A place near a window, fireplace, terrace would be an ideal for chaise lounge. Also, chaise would work really great in your bedroom. Watching, thinking, reading - all of those things bond well with this type of chair.

You can consider lounge if you have a relatively empty spot and need a space to fill - these chairs serve perfectly for those cases. Place an elegant side table along with lamp and you've got yourself a decor.

Lounge chairs have become a staple for psychoanalysis. Not a coincidence - any psychoanalytic knows people tend to feel most comfortable when laying on these chairs. Freud started using that and all modern-day psychoanalysts still invite clients to recline on those types of chairs.

Why would you want one?

These pieces bring smile to your face. When you see a lounge, you want to lay on it, right away. It's deeply associated with rest, comfort, a little bit of laziness and cozy feel - these things are extremely important as sometimes rest anticipation is even more important that rest itself. Those things are literal synonym of comfort.

Lounge chairs can drastically improve your room, decor and function-wise; they add up to overall value and comfort of your home and provide stylish variety of your rest and leisure options. Besides, they look great - we doubt there's another type of furniture that would ignite such an instant joy. Did we already mention those are perfect for reading? ... Oh yes, we did.

It's quite easy to match a lounge with any existing furniture - first of all you don't have to worry about colors and styles that much. If you lounge chair is bright, different color; in a style that pops; if that chair is really screaming carnival when everything else in your room is saying order and discipline - it's even better! Those things are supposed to be posh, extravagant, bright and popping. If you don't want a Louis-style chair, it's also fine - there are contemporary more casual-looking modern models available.

Depending on a model those things can be relatively inexpensive and can get a source of your ultimate comfort for years. Decision is always yours, but we'd definitely want one. Sometimes you just need to enjoy things - nothing gives such an enjoyment, visually and physically; nothing will give you a feeling of ultimate coziness, style and elegance as lounge chair.

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