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December 22, 2022

Choosing a suitable desk

To organize comfortable conditions for work and fulfillment of various tasks, it's required to make the workspace in the right way. One of the key elements of such an area is a desk. Modern desks are represented by great diversity and can offer various functions, so it's necessary to understand how to select the most suitable table.

slim office desk

Slim minimal style office desk can be very handy

Types of desks

Desks are now available in all possible shapes, sizes, and configurations. Besides, both home and office desks become a focal point of any room, which is why it's additionally required to pay attention to the design.

Such tables are used to write, work on a PC, store documents/folders, play computer games, etc. Consider the most popular variations of desks:

  • Writing. Such items are created for lighter usage, so they are usually smaller compared to other varieties. The tables have thin rectangular surfaces, 4 legs, and free space under the desk. Such items can be additionally supplemented with drawers for the storage of writing materials.
  • Foldable. Such tables are suitable for situations when it;s frequently necessary to relocate the items or use them temporarily. The surface can easily fold down and then be placed in a closet without occupying much space.
  • Executive. It;s the most traditional type of table, which offers enough storage space. The items belonging to this category are quite large and allow users to fulfill even complicated tasks. The tables usually have several built-in drawers and even secret cabinets.
  • Shell. They're working tables, which are characterized by the large open space under the desk surface. They are supplemented with various shelves to store different items, books, and writing materials.
  • Floating. Such tables are minimalistic and installed onto the walls. They don't occupy much space. At the same time, it's better not to store heavy items on them. This category of desks includes permanent ones and those that you can fold down.
  • Secretary. Such models are perfect for those who work with papers and need more space to place and store them. The desks often have built-in hutches that rise out of the back. More advanced modern tables also offer additional options, for instance, a system of cable management or a tray for a keyboard.
  • Computer. This variety of tables is ideal for desktop users. They offer enough space for a standard PC, printer, and any other possible peripherals and devices. There're items of various sizes. Besides, they can be supplemented with drawers, cabinets, and hutches.
  • Standing/adjustable. Due to the fact that people have become more concerned about their health, special desks were created to change the position of the body during the work process. There're desks that allow working standing up. More popular models include adjustable items, which allow working both sitting & standing up. Thanks to the possibility of changing the height, such desks are easily adjusted in accordance with a person's height.
  • L-shape. These tables are represented by 2 sides that are perpendicular to each other. Thanks to such construction, they offer a great working area with just enough storage space. At the same time, such desks don't occupy too much space and can be perfectly located in a corner.
space saving desk

Ideally, you'd want a desk that 100% fits all available space

Tips to choose a desk

There're several issues, which should be considered when buying a desk:

  • Material. It's important to choose only durable and high-quality materials. The best choices are usually wood and metal. Your decision also greatly depends on the surrounding interior.
  • Size. Pay attention to such parameters as length, width, and height. It's important to take the aim of usage into consideration, the possible equipment that is planned to be used, and the necessity to store papers or other items. The space available for the location of a desk is also crucial. It should always suit the decorations well.
  • Ergonomics. Today, it's extremely important to make certain that your desk can provide the most comfortable conditions for work. Take the time you usually spend sitting into consideration as well as the types of tasks you fulfill. For those who spend at least 8-9 hours in a sitting position, the best and healthiest alternative is adjustable tables.
  • Additional features. Think about whether you need extra storage space, shelves, drawers, wheels, and other additions, which can increase productivity.
  • Design. Every item in the interior should look nice and pleasant to the eye. Pay attention to the colors and overall style of the desk you purchase. Make sure it matches the surrounding interior.

Surely, it's vital to consider the budget available and find a desk with the corresponding cost. Take all the aspects into consideration and buy the most suitable working table.

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