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August 27, 2022

Choosing the right color for your sofa

In the interior decoration of your house, every element matters. The choice of certain details might change the whole image of a room. When thinking about the interior of a living room, it’s important to understand the principles of color selection.

Being a central part of the so-called composition, the sofa has special importance. The choice of suitable upholstery and its shades is crucial for a successful design of your living room.

The key rules for a nice design from scratch

If the design of a living room begins from scratch, there’s one main rule, which every designer should remember. A sofa is the first element to be chosen if you want it to become a focal point. The rest of the design is built around the sofa. The right choice of furniture and its color will become a perfect ground for future design and give you more inspiration and creative ideas.

There’re various ways to make a sofa a central point of the room – the main focus. To make the furniture item prominent, you can:

  • Select excellent upholstery made of luxurious fabric in one color. There’s no need to search for the brightest and most vibrant hints (but you still can if you want). Calm pastel shades might successfully work for the central element of your living room.
  • Choose an amazing fashionable print. If you think about a trendy interior and want to step aside from classic design, up-to-date prints are just what you need in your living room.

Whatever type of sofa you select, just make sure to build a nice decoration around it to make everything match.

Everyone wants to make a lounge look stylish. And thanks to modern trends, it becomes more affordable. First of all, expert designers are not that strict today concerning shapes and colors. They offer more relaxed furniture and minimalism. The key to perfect decor is comfort, so squishy couches are the best choice. Besides, they look awesome in almost any color.

teal couch is a color statement

Bright colors for your couch will make a statement.

Light or dark – that is the question

Any color might be light or dark, so it’s often a problem to decide, which shade is better. Here, the floor color plays the most important role.

If the floor is dark, it’s better to choose a sofa color, which will make it more visible. Otherwise, it will just blend into it. If you still want to buy a dark couch, try to make it more prominent. Metal or wooden legs might perfectly work for this purpose. In addition, they’ll create a small space between the couch and the floor. Another option is to add a lighter area rug to make a kind of separation.

White or light-colored sofas look amazing. However, they aren’t very practical when it concerns stains, scratches, and other problems. Thus, make sure the room is carefully used before choosing a light couch. If you have pets or children, who can spoil the upholstery, it’s recommended to consider darker shades. Alternatively, you can buy washable slipcovers, which are also a wonderful way out for the fans of white sofas.

Choosing a sofa for an already existing interior

choosing sofa for existing interior

Choosing a couch for already existing interior can be challenging

When your room is already decorated and the sofa will be an additional (not central) element of the design, the choice of shade becomes even more important. It defines the way your space will look and felt like. The best idea is to use ready-made color schemes. Today, there’s no need to spend hours looking for hints that match. Professional designers have already taken care of that by creating palettes with colors, which look best together. Thus, all you need is to find the existing colors of your living room in the scheme and define, which ones can be added to them in order to choose your sofa. And still, there’s an issue of matching. Consider a few ideas for perfect combinations of shades:

  • 1. Sofa, which matches the color of the walls. It makes it possible to make the room a single whole and visually adds more space. It’s a nice solution for small rooms, which will create harmony. However, it will be complicated to change the shade of your walls in the future (unless you make new ones).
  • 2. Sofa, which complements other items. In this case, the couch won’t be the center of attention and will be somewhat blurred in the interior. At the same time, it won’t merge with the walls. It’s better to choose neutral shades and always take the surrounding colors into consideration.
  • 3. Sofa, which represents a separate color in a selected palette. If a couch is large enough, it’s a nice idea to make it a bright spot in the interior. In this case, it’s better to add a few small accessories of the same shade. It might be even chairs, which contain the corresponding hue in their print.

The color scheme selected for a living room should be pleasant to your eye. Just consider the aspects and choose a suitable palette to work with. Make the final touch by adding small accents to make the interior of your living room more vivid.

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