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June 14, 2022

Brown Color

Brown color is by far the most popular color of choice when it comes to furniture. There are few reasons for it.

First of all let's see historical contest. It's quite obvious most of the furniture and household items over humankind history was made out of wood. Wood is very versatile, relatively long-lasting and sturdy material that's usable in many ways and applicable in a lot of applications, including furniture production.

Nowadays despite new production technologies and materials being used, wood remains primary choice for furniture manufacturers.

It feels natural and pleasant to us, people are used to wood, and we like it. Most of the furniture, generally, is some kind of brown color-wise. Therefore, brown is one of the primary default color choices for everything wood-made, including furniture.

Also, brown is one of the primary colors in nature; it's deeply associated with soil, forests, some seasoned color schemes that's very soothing and relaxing to us. No wonder it's #1 choice for most of furniture shoppers!

brown couch

Brown is naturally very pleasing color to the eyes / matches w/ beige perfectly

Shades of Brown

There are tones of different brown shades. Some of popular ones include merlot, cherry, espresso, mocha, chestnut, walnut, caramel, coffee & mahogany. All furniture in those shades is extremely popular too and quite often customers looking specifically for the shade of brown of their choice, for example, cherry.

brown dresser

A majority of bedroom furniture is made in wood / which means brown shade

What's absolutely fantastic about brown color is that absolute majority of brown shades can be easily matched with almost any other color including white / beige tones most of our rooms' walls are painted in. This is one of the main reasons brown is so popular.

Color Matching

One of the best features of brown color (except the fact that dirt is barely visible on brown-colored products) - it's extremely easy to match with pretty much all other colors. First of all, almost all shades of brown itself are almost perfectly matched within each other - and there are thousands of them! The only thing that might look strange is combining very light or very dark brown tones together or getting more than 2-3 brown tones in the same room. But other than that you'll have an absolute blast combining different brown shades together.

Darker tones are matched very easy, lighter ones can be a little bit trickier.

matching color for brown

Most of shades of brown / gray is perfectly matched

Another possible 'problem' with matching brown shades may occur when you match some drastically different shades, for example the ones with a lot of red hue in it (like ash or merlot) with some brown shades from a different spectrum, like lighter tan tones.

Brown is perfectly matched to darker tones, like dark gray or black. Some people might think that black and brown are not easily combined - it's not true. It's a great, stylish, bold match.

Also all lighter beige tones + white color is perfect, natural match for brown as well.

The only colors that you might be quite careful with is acid, bold, bright colors like cyan, purple, blue, lime green, etc. However brown color speaks tradition; it is so widespread and common that you might find it to be in perfect ally with pretty much anything else.

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