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July 19, 2022

Color: Cream & Beige

Cream and Beige color tones are very popular among furniture lovers, especially when it comes to living room products such as sofas, loveseats, sectionals, chairs, ottomans and such.

Light tones are always popular choice since they give that amazing 'airy' feel. Lighter furniture tends to seem a focal point in the room, and usually appears larger. What's also the best feature of anything beige - it's extremely easy to match with anything else, including another light or tan products.

modular beige sectional

Beige modular sectional is perfect match for almost any room

So if you're looking for lighter colored furniture and think pure white color is 'too much' and not that practical (which is true to some degree) - consider picking something in light beige, cream, or light tan tone. You won't be disappointed.

Beige is the king!

The only thing to consider is tones of beige. If you have something light colored already (like walls, rugs, etc.) that have a hint of yellow tones in it you may want to carefully approach selecting a new beige product: while most beige things wonderfully work with each other, sometimes you want to avoid different shade 'yellowish-beige' tones in the same room.

beige loveseat

Loveseat in cream on a gray wall

What's absolutely astonishing about beige couch, for instance - it will look absolutely amazing with dark, black, gray or even 100% white walls. Beige is truly great color, works with everything: and at the same time, it's light, pleasant and quite neutral.

The only drawback of tan, cream, beige furniture is relative ease to get dirty. Similar to white color, dirt is just more noticeable on lighter colored things, you just have to adjust to it. All furniture manufacturers, however, are aware about that: and fabrics and leathers used for light couches are typically solid, tough, hard to expose and get dirty.

Matching colors for Beige

matching colors for beige and cream

Matching colors for beige and cream tones

As said before it's very easy to match any color to a beige. One main thing to consider here is that potentially you want to avoid pure simple bold colors like pure green, pure yellow, red, etc. - with beige it's always the best to use a slighly more complex color tones, for instance instead of red you can use a slightly darker rose / burgundy tone as shown on the picture above; instead of pure blue - it's best to use that darker blue tone. Same, instead of pure black color the best choice would be to use a dark, close to black tone of brown, gray or green.

A simple contrast rule here applies as well: typically, cream & beige is a light tone, it's best matched with darker shades of any other colors you can think of. Just keep those colors complex.

It's quite a simple rule that can be applied to walls / rugs / furniture color choice if you plan to use beige. Just avoid absolutes with beige and you'll decorate the most beautiful room in your house!

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