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May 10, 2022

Green Color

Green is probably one of the most pleasing to the eye, earthy color there is. It's naturally associated to a grass, forests, leaves - hence green color is very soothing, pleasant to pretty much every person perception. It is associated with life, growth and peace.

However, if we talk about green in interiors, especially if we're considering furniture in green, we have to be really careful about it.

Main reason is - green, even in slighter shades, is very bold color. It's not as aggressive, like red, purple or yellow, true, but even we're talking about pale green, tea green, turquoise, etc. (lighter shades) - those colors instantly catch our attention and can easily be overwhelming. If you tend to choose more bright green shades, like lime green, russian green, slimy green, etc. - those are even more noticeable.


green couch

Green is naturally perfectly matched w/ gold and yellow

The best advice would be - if you love green it would be the best to choose one central piece in this color, for example main green couch or sectional. As green is perfectly matched w/ yellowish tones - any gold elements like glam style coffee tables or pale-yellow walls would be a perfect choice for any green furniture.

example for green dining chair

Colorful dining chairs are instant winners for your dining room

Another very popular application for green colors is in dining room furniture, especially chairs. We have tons of different shade green dining chairs: plenty to choose from. These are especially great if you want to add up a little color to usual beige / brownish rooms. Green color chairs in velvet can be a perfect addition that will instantly put a smile on your face.

Quite often these colors are used for glam style velvet tufted designs that match upholstery with silver / chrome or gold metal: but green fabric looks absolutely stunning on wood as well. So, it's all up to you - whatever style your prefer.

Matched colors

Yellow and yellowish tones, orange, etc. are natural most perfect match for green. This applies to all beige / tan tones as well. That's why green looks absolutely stunning in almost any interiors - most of our rooms are beige / white/ tan.

matching colors for green: examples

Green color matching colors

You can also match green tones with almost any other bold colors out there, but sometimes you'd have to play a little with exact tones. Green with blue is amazingly matched, but tones should be pretty even in intensity. Same applies to red / green combinations. You should be especially careful, though, if you're trying to get few bold colors together - in most cases it's recommended that one color presence should be overwhelmingly larger than the other one, for example 80% to 20%, otherwise it will look too cartoonish and unnatural unless specifically wanted this way.

As other bold colors green is perfect for accents: for example, for accent pillows or ottomans. This way bold, soothing, peaceful, joyful color of green can provide that extra touch to your interior, making it interesting, refreshing and enjoyable.

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