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October 14, 2022

Which color palette is the best for your kitchen?

The choice of the right design of the kitchen is crucial to reach comfort and coziness. Along with the wise placement of furniture and various functional elements, the first thing every house owner thinks about is a color palette. Modern design offers diverse variations of shades, which look great in the kitchen. Still, people face problems when making a final decision. To help you avoid failing kitchen color combinations, we are going to speak about the most successful solutions.

Types of color schemes

For a kitchen design, various combinations of shades can be effectively used. Let's first observe the main kinds of them:

  • Tonal. In this case, there's one basic hint, which is used for a kitchen. All the rest of the colors are its shades. For instance, many modern interiors have monochrome palettes, which include gray/blue and their options. Such combinations also allow adding white spots.
  • Harmonious. Such palettes presuppose the right usage of a color wheel. They include colors, which are located nearby and complement each other in some way. The shades in the schemes are not similar, thanks to which such combinations can create unique atmospheres and styles. One of the examples is a palette of green, brown, and white.
  • Complementary. People who are brave enough and ready to experiment can use opposite shades in their designs. With such combinations, unique designs can be created, while the kitchen will have not just a style but also a certain statement. The combination of yellow and red is an example.

The meaning of colors

Everyone knows that certain colors are able to influence people's moods. Thus, it's required to think about how you want to feel in your kitchen before making a choice. Let's observe certain shades and feelings connected to them:

  • Vibrant (red/orange/yellow). Such hints are full of energy and can be successfully used in a busy kitchen. They are able to stimulate and motivate for activity and experiments.
  • Neutral and pastel (peach/lavender/mint). Such hints create a feeling of tranquility and calmness. They help reach the atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
  • Mixtures of unexpected shades. If you mix, for instance, red-brown with teal, you can easily create a feeling of familiarity. Such kitchens can become unique and express the owner's personality.
  • Smokey and deep jewel shades. If you are looking for something elegant and truly sophisticated, this is the best choice. Such palettes are great for kitchens, which witness many gatherings and parties.
  • Urban (various shades of gray/brown/navy/purple). It's a great idea to combine both moderate and loud hints to create a unique, stylish, and up-to-date kitchen.

colorful chairs

Colorful chairs for kitchen furniture add up a style on its own

The most successful palettes

When selecting a suitable scheme, it's required to take many aspects into account, including the size of a kitchen, peculiarities of furniture and its style, lighting, etc. If you don't want to make a mistake, consider one of our successful ready-made solutions:

  • White scheme for a vintage design. It's not about modern white in monochrome palettes. Here, we speak about more pleasant white used for vintage-inspired furniture. Add some classic details to make a kitchen cozy and warm. Thus, it will become the heart of your house.
  • Shades of pastel blue for a peaceful atmosphere. It's a perfect color for a kitchen (of course, if you like one). To reach more tranquility, you can add more pastel details, while for the nautical ambiance, it's acceptable to use more gray hints. It's possible to be limited by walls or use such shades for the furniture as well.
  • Red color palette for the unexpected shades representation. Glossy red furniture together with white walls looks chic and marvelous. Such kitchens have certain in-depth warmth, which can be not very prominent at first sight.
  • Stay trendy with dark colors. Today, there's no need to be afraid of dark shades (including black and dark brown). They look extremely stylish, especially when supplemented with marble surfaces, golden accessories, and modern fashionable lamps.
  • Pastel kitchen as a universal option. The use of pastel palettes is faultless. Thus, you can easily create moderate, warm, and delightful options. Feel free to add your favorite hues, including ink and purple, white and light blue, and even pastel green for a nature-based interior.

Modern designers speak about an open-minded approach to what concerns the kitchen interior. Thus, everyone can feel free to try various color combinations. The only thing is to make a room cozy and comfortable for an owner.

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