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December 2, 2022

Color: Pink

Pink is probably most discussed color for interior and furniture lately. It's highly unusual and wasn't quite as popular and common until recently, so in a way it's interesting phenomenon on its own. Not everyone would consider pink as their color choice: many men would say pink is too 'girlish' color and can be used very slightly over certain applications. This is quite a valid statement, but not quite.

According to Wikipedia pink is truly associated with everything 'feminine', however a lot of folks will be surprised to find out there were times when this color was deeply associated with masculinity. But in general, yes, this color symbolizes sensitivity, charm, tenderness and romance.

Deep associations with pink are of course flowers, blossoms and spring overall; sunsets and sunrises - overall pink is a symbol of romance.

pink couch

Pink color couch can be a #1 center of attention

Of course, mainly this color is loved and adored by women. As grotesque as it can be it's quite easy to imagine all pink clothes lady, with pink bag and wearing pink shoes. So, obviously the main rule with pink color is not overdo it. It's not a bright color on its own, luminosity and intensity-wise it's close to beige, rather than to the red (these two main colors combined actually make pink), but it can be very, very intense.

pink chair

Chair in pink velvet fabric can be an 'awww' piece for any room

So our main advice here is if you want to have a pink furniture, be modest about it. Pink bed is gorgeous - let it be the only pink item in a room. Pink chair - wonderful! Pink sofa bed - even more so. But please, do not overdo it - in most cases a single pink item is more than enough.

It's quite easy to find pink furniture on our website: just use pink filter in colors in any category of the website. It's called 'red & pink' since we combine these too colors into same group, but you get an idea. Check it out for yourself: pink chairs, pink beds or pink sofas.

Pink can be absolutely gorgeous when matched with correct colors. Perfect matches are gray - all shades, especially darker ones. Lighter green colors of all shades are perfect match too. Purple is just perfect for pink: they look absolutely stunning together. Pink is generally great with any pastel colors; you should avoid acid pure tones with pink as it won't be a great match.

matching colors for pink

Some of pink matching colors

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