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March 8, 2022

Purple Color

One of the most unusual colors you can choose when shopping around for pretty much anything, not only furniture - is purple color.

Essentially, it's a mix of blue and red colors in different proportions, purple can vary from violet to lilac, from pale purple tones to really deep purple shades, truly touching and passionate. While very bright, distinct in nature, purple colors are not as 'acid' as some other bright colors and typically very calm.

purple couch set

Purple tufted 3pcs living room set looks bold and interesting

You either love it or take this color easily. Some brands decided to go full throttle with this color application, for example one of the largest mattress firms there is literally purple - nice branding.

Why do you want to pick up some purple furniture?

When you want to add up some bold color to your room, but don't want to go as agressive as red, yellow or green. Purple works very nicely for beds, including daybeds. Purple couches are usually true eye-catchers. Purple chairs are the best when you want to get all attention to your stylish design.

The most used categories of furniture when it comes to purple color is chairs and ottomans. Due to the nature of the purple color, which is quite intense, not everyone would have a boldness to get a purple sectional, for example, but to get a single piece, like purple chair or purple ottoman. This is the color ideal for any accent piece.

purple sofabed

Sofa bed in purple color will be an eye-catcher

What walls and background work best with purple?

That's honestly, the best part. Purple would work with almost anything.

White backgrounds or walls - perfect match. Black, gray shades, especially darker gray colors - absolutely! Naturally, best matching color for purple is yellow: these can be combined in all possible forms and shades as well.

matching colors for purple: examples

Purple matching colors example

Moreover, any other bright colors can be matched too, but that depends on your particular application. Secondary colors choice is just your imagination. Adding some color in controlled, meaningful way will add to any decor.

The most obvious usage of purple color is when you try to make quite boring and bland white / gray / dark interior more interesting. Accent wall, whole room, open area, balcony - applications are truly endless.

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