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March 8, 2022

Yellow as color for the furniture

Once a customer asked: what's the rarest, usually not widely used color for living room furniture. After a short thought our answer was: yellow!

According to, yellow is color of optimism, sunshine, happiness. It's one of most joyful colors out there, without a doubt. Why is that so rarely used in furniture design in primary furniture coloring? If you'll try to find yellow couches, for example, you'll be surprised how little choice we have. Why is that?

yellow couch set

Yellow color living room sets are extremely rare

Yellow is attention grabber

One of the primary reasons for yellow color rarity is that this is very distinct, bright color that can easily be overwhelming. Even a smaller piece in yellow will contently take all possible attention and focus. When you pick up a color shade for your room's furniture you can easily go over the top with this color.

Matching with other colors can be difficult

Second reason is the yellow is hard to match with some other colors easily. It will look perfect on darker backgrounds, like black, dark gray, dark green; on white or light cream backgrounds yellow furniture would be 'too much' in a lot of cases. Besides, lightness-wise, yellow is one of the brightest colors of all, so it can easily be more prone to dirt being way more noticeable.

What walls colors to go with?

An overwhelming majority of rooms are painted white or light cream tones, at least in Northern hemisphere - so here's that. As discussed before, yellow on white can be truly overwhelming. Note, that in southern countries, like Latin America / etc. yellow is one of primary colors for house walls inside and outside - it truly resonates great with relatively constant sunshine and overall feel. That applies to furniture as well.

matching colors for yellow: examples

Few examples of good color matches for yellow

Should you consider picking up yellow living room furniture, be very careful on what to match it with. As stated before, yellow would match perfectly with opposite colors of purple, green, blue; it would match with accommodating colors of black, dark gray, light gray shades.

Don't be afraid to experiment, after all everything that matters is your personal satisfaction.

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