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November 5, 2022

Floral patterns in the interior

Patterns were a kind of non-grata in the recent past. We tried to avoid them due to the atmosphere of something old fashion. However, the trends are constantly changing. And today, the popularity of various patterns is coming back. The most famous patterns among the leading designers are florals. Everything that can add something natural and fresh to the interior decoration works perfectly for various rooms. Today, we'll speak about the popularity of floral patterns and their effective application for design.

Where are floral patterns used?

The usage of floral patterns is wide. Today, it's possible to add them to almost any possible surface and create a trendy interior design. Let's observe the most popular forms of florals application:

  • Walls & wallpapers. The use of florals for walls is undoubtedly the most elegant way to decorate a room. The choice of the corresponding wallpapers is impressive. Besides, they are quite affordable due to the usage of innovative materials. Popular floral patterns for walls include flowers, forests, petals, and leaves of various types and colors. There're pastel variations to make a romantic atmosphere, floral wallpapers with deep colors to emphasize a taste for elegance and great a cozy background, and even gaudy and luxurious photo wallpapers, which will help create diverse unique designs and express yourself.

  • floral are rug

    Floral style area rug can add up to any interior

  • Carpets & area rugs. Florals on the floor might seem unusual and even old-fashioned. However, such patterns are widely used in modern interiors and can enliven the design. The room can become more interesting just thanks to a rug, featuring flowers. It's possible to choose carpets of various shapes and sizes, depending on the room and effect a designer wants to reach. For example, area rugs with floral patterns of a regular form (such as a rectangle) will look nice in large living rooms. Smaller carpets of unusual shapes will perfectly match small and cozy bedrooms.

  • floral elements

    Elements in floral design can be rather small but will give an instant impact

  • Furniture. It's, possibly, the boldest choice for interior decoration. Besides, it should be used in the right way to achieve an inspiring and romantic design. Florals are widely used for fabrics, for example, on modern sofas. Such furniture allows making a bright spot in a room and refreshing a calm and boring design. It's also a good idea to think about florals on tables, chairs, dressers, and other pieces of furniture.

  • Accessories and lighting. There's nothing better than adding floral elements to revive a house. There might be cute pillows with floral patterns, chandeliers with petals and leaves, and even artificial flowers (if you like them).

Why are floral patterns in trend?

The boost in the popularity of floral patterns happened in 2020 when people had to stay at home due to the pandemic. Everyone wanted a whiff of nature and the outdoors inside their houses.

For decades, floral patterns have been neglected. Such patterns were replaced by beige, white, and later gray hues. Floral patterns of the past were 'too sweet', which made many people afraid of their application in modern interiors. However, the right application of patterns and materials in the right combination is able to make a magnificent effect.

flowers on the wall

Flowers in wallpaper design look very cozy and heartwarming

Another reason for the return to something natural and more human is global industrialization and the development of technologies. Many people live in megalopolises and definitely need a breath of fresh air. It's curious that the more advanced the technologies (including printing ones) become, the more popular floral patterns in interior design grow.

Useful tips for floral patterns application

The use of florals might be a challenging task because the incorrect combination with other colors or patterns can play a trick on you. If you want to add something fresh and trendy to the interior, we offer a few tips:

  • Find a balance. It's required to consider every detail of a decoration beforehand. Think about accessories and fabrics, which might have floral patterns (pillows, rugs, quilts, etc.). They might add a slight naturalness to a room without great changes. If you think about bolder solutions, then it's required not to go too far. For instance, if you want to use bright and deep photo wallpapers with tropic leaves, opt for them just for one wall. For others, it's better to choose calmer colors without patterns.
  • Think about the general style and color scheme. When choosing floral wallpapers, rugs, or furniture, it's required to make sure their match the general palette. Thus, your room will look harmonious and stylish.
  • Don't go very feminine. Florals don't mean only buds and petals. They have many other interesting options, which look amazing in the interior design. Think about leaves, branches, and other parts of plants. It's better to opt for more abstract shapes and gender-neutral colors.

floral wall paint

Walls with floral pieces look gorgeous

Florals are really able to add something fresh and unique to every room. Just consider the general design and try to use them correctly to achieve an incredible interior of your home.

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