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February 4, 2022

Furniture Delivery in New Jersey

New Jersey is our home state, heart of our business and primary focus on our operations. One of logistical centers of United States, New Jersey is obviously quite tied to New York - one of world's most impressive and influential megapolis cities.

green new jersey towns

We love New Jersey smaller cities and areas

While a lot of people tend to think New Jersey is just a New York's service center it's not quite true. With diversified dense population areas, wonderful beaches, great historic towns, developed highways and infrastructure, forests, lakes, national parks and much more - New Jersey is beautiful state that has a very distinct identity of its own.

In 2022 we have over 9 million state population which is not a small number by all means. According to some sources, New Jersey is among very first states in US for happiness index, and we can't agree more!

New Jersey is very connected to New York historically, logistically - well pretty much in every way possible. New Jersey central and northern parts have very developed infrastructure, highways and warehousing: most NJ businesses service New York + overall Tri-State market in one way or another. However, it would be factually incorrect to say that NJ is just a NY warehouse - our state market is amazingly large, diverse and has enormous demand on its own.

New York is our biggest neighbor

NJ is very connected to NY by all means. View from Jersey City.

Most furniture wholesale warehouses are located in our state. Most are located right in central Jersey, where we are connected to New York's Staten Island by two bridges: Goethals and Outerbridge Crossing. Also, two tunnels (Lincoln and Holland) and 1 more bridge (Washington) connect our state to NYC up to the north.

These 5 crossing points are pretty much the only ways to get to New York from New Jersey. Most of furniture warehouses are located in Middlesex, Summerset, Union, Essex, Morris and Mercer counties.

This area is very densely populated and usually is great pick for extra fast furniture delivery. In most cases you can get same week delivery if you order your furniture before Tuesday of the week. Great highway infrastructure and easy warehousing access allow that. There are no pickup options available - we don't think it's a good approach for furniture which is typically heavy and bulky product. It's the best for our customers to wait for delivery, which will be pretty fast in any case.

New Jersey is very compact state by all standards. There are however two areas that are accessed not that easily - simply because they're quite off main highways and warehouse locations. There are nice roads everywhere but for these areas you would typically need to send a dedicated truck which can lead to a slight delay for delivery. We're talking primarily for the counites on the Northwest of the state: Sussex, Warren, Hunderton and some parts of Morris County.

Beaches in New Jersey

NJ has nice characteristic beaches

Ocean counties of New Jersey might experience a slight delay as well, namely Burlingon, Ocean counties. For areas far to the South typically special delivery needs to be arranged which might result in additional fees - simply because trip to those areas would require a dedicated team and dedicated truck. We're talking about deliveries with assembly or inside placement, obviously. Latter applies to Atlantic City counties, Cape May, Cumberland, Salem, Camden counties.

For New Jersey you can order optional assembly service that we'll gladly provide - this would be a little extra depending on your order and delivery conditions, like 2nd floors and such. Delivery fees to NJ are also lowest of all possible areas. Payable directly to delivery team - we do not benefit on that. Read more about assembly approximate costs here.

Overall we absolutely love New Jersey State - it's our home! Absolute most of New Jersians can enjoy timely speedy delivery on any product they choose, and we'll be glad to serve you for the years to come.

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