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March 27, 2019

Furniture SETS and why people love them

Furniture sets is very nice way of selling and basically judging furniture as whole. As study shows our customers love sets. That applies to different categories of furniture: bedroom, living room, sofas, sectionals, coffee tables and much more.

Bed Set

6 Pieces sets can be bought at a whole

Of course, selling items individually is much more versatile for customers. Most of the time people don't really need 'everything displayed on the picture', but rather need something for their specific needs. For example, most of living room sets are pictured as loveseat sofa chair set - so all 3 pieces are shown, and you can choose whatever you need. But quite often our customers need exactly that: sofa, loveseat and chair together, i.e., what's displayed. Thats why having sets is great.

living room set

Some living room sets have also perfectly matching tables

Another big story is bedroom set. For instance, for most bedrooms there is only 1 picture provided by factory: this picture usually displays bed itself, dresser, mirror and 2 night tables or nightstands. This 5pcs set is considered 'default' in US at least. That's why we have some beds on sale for sets too.

Bedroom set

Bedroom set with matching case goods

One last thing to mention is: some factories have special pricing for buying sets, for example if you buy all 3pcs of living room furniture together, it's a little better price or if you buy 5pcs bedroom - it's also cheaper. We can offer better pricing for sets too. So, here, at Comfyco, we keep our sets in 2 different categories: bed sets and living room sets. Enjoy!

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