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February 2, 2022

Good Customer Service - what's that?

According to Salesforce, customer service is support you offer to your customers. Can't say better. A couple of more facts from the same article: 68% of customers leave because they didn't like the treatment, 86% customer would pay more for a better experience and, obviously, getting new customers in general costs 6-8 times more than keeping your existing ones.

While exact numbers can differ, they are not that important. What important is trend and overall picture - people tend to save places or experiences they liked, get back to them as a first choice should need in similar products or services arise and also provide a free advertisement sharing their experiences either online or offline. That is all quite understandable and unquestionable.

So what a good customer service means? What is our general take on customer service we try to master here on

Let's take a look at some of the main points.

Timing and Wait Times

We absolutely hate to see customers wait. That appears to anything: phone calls, emails, questions asked on a website, chat support, claims support and so on. So, our number #1 priority is timely responses to any possible query. Blazing fast and momentary - words we really like.

With absolute pride we can confirm we are among the best in this regard: our emails are answered pretty much momentarily (even on weekends sometimes), our support cases are answered pretty much within 5 minutes we receive them.

Our phone service always has someone ready to talk to you. You don't have to wait 30-40 minutes on hold to speak to anyone, and then after 10 seconds get transferred somewhere else - we absolutely hate that and know you do too! Of course, that applies to our normal business hours which are typically 10-5 Eastern Standard Time, Monday - Friday.

While we can see someone is constantly trying to call afterhours or at 8pm on Sunday - sorry folks, for now there's no 24-hour phone service. We know we can delegate that to some Virtual Assistant providers, but we also believe those 3rd party places won't be able to provide you as precise support as we can do in the house. For pretty much the same reason we can't offer any voicemail support.

Our response times are among the best in the industry, and you can easily see that by asking a question or using a livechat.

Happy Customer is always the main goal

We love having happy customers

No false information or lies

We never lie about anything and are not afraid to say: "we don't know" or "we're not sure".

We'd never provide you fake or improper delivery dates, rather will give you a realistic timeframe, especially if you're located far from the factory or hub that ships your purchase. There is a known sales tactics to tell people something like "hey, it's going to arrive in 3 days" while in reality it may be over 2+ weeks. We'd never say anything like that.

We truly believe a true honesty is better than anything else.

Same applies to specific information people often require about a certain product. We love those questions and understand you need answers to them! As a reseller though we don't normally keep majority of the products so can't access them to answer your questions so have to get answers from manufacturers or factories. What's funniest thing that in most cases (hard to believe) manufacturers can't answer some of these questions. It's really hard to believe sometimes if customer is asking: "Hey, how many drawers are inside of this unit" or "what's the distance between part A and part B" and factory has no response.

In cases like this we'll never make anything up and will tell you exactly that we don't know. While trying our best to obtain answers for you, obviously. In most cases we obtain them ;)

Straight to the point

Our customer service is extremely friendly but tends to be 'to the point'. We won't waste your and our time on discussing some near topics besides the ones we're both here for. Some people would consider it to be 'too direct' approach, but we believe it's a right thing to do.

If you just like to shop around, pick up a phone and talk to a random person about your thoughts, color ideas and such for 20 minutes - probably we're not for you. We don't think these more or less empty conversations, while supportive and trust-providing are meaningful in a customer service context :) At least most of our customer service agents think so.

It's all about your satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction is a top priority - and this is not simply a gimmick or standard phrase. We really would try to do our best to make your life easier. We have a lot of cases when we advise people against some specific purchase if we see it won't benefit them. For instance, sometimes customer is not sure and wants to buy some oversized product to rather small room - we'd advise against it despite losing the sale, since we believe it will benefit the customer.

We are not afraid to talk people out of any purchase if we see it might bring them more problems than benefit.

This however does not apply to customer personal wishes, fantasies or expectations that go against our terms of sale. Sometimes customers get carried away - it's easy to achieve with a beautiful furniture we sell, we get it :) Sometimes people mistake 'good customer service' with their personal wishes or fantasies, and in those rare cases, obviously, we can't help.

We listen to you!

We listen to you, to your wishes and remarks and will generally take everything to consideration. We love to find out how customer feel. We have no strict inner rules or policies set and, in most cases, will consider anything customers tend to share that will help to improve our mutual relationships and communication. You can always contact us with anything you'd like to share, and we'll always respond.

Customer interactions do not have a goal to make everyone a happy or loyal customers. We genuinely trying to help people even if you're not our customer and not planning to become one. We always help people, for example, who are missing some assembly instructions we can get even if they bought some product somewhere else.

Constantly looking to improve

Customer service is enjoyable when done right

We enjoy delivering excellent customer service

We are in business since 2006 and our customer service was top priority since day #1. We've come through a lot over these years, gained a lot of experience and constantly becoming a better company.

This is non-ending endeavor and our business as whole including our amazing support team is always looking into getting better. An overwhelming majority of our customers are getting back to us with all their furniture needs even after years have passed.

Nothing warms our hearts as when people are reaching out by saying "you know I've bought a couch from you over 10 years ago and now I am looking for..."

That means we're doing something right.

But we're not here to stop and stagnate. Always going forward, always improving. Always doing our best in trying to provide better and better value for our customers.

That's what delivering good customer service all about.

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