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February 16, 2022

How to Choose a Right Desk for Your Home or Office

Choosing a right desk for your office space can be a challenge and you would need to invest some time into it. Our work area in 2022 is very dependent on computers, hours of usage, doesn't matter if we work from home or from office - thus the quality of comfort should be absolutely maximum we can get out of it. Your desk, as your workspace overall should be as comfy as it can be - everything else including styles, finishes and colors is quite secondary.

Step 1 on choosing the right desk - measurements

Measurement's importance applies to any furniture but for desks it's even more important. Measure the space carefully. Consider the largest possible desk that you can fit into your space without compromising with anything else. It's always the best to have more space for your work than to have less - quite obvious, but sometimes people overlook this simple fact. Don't pick up a smaller desk because you like style of it better - with desks it's all about convenience, and larger work area / i.e., larger desk will give you more convenience than a smaller one.

If you have or plan to buy a computer chair bear in mind that office chairs are typically on wheels - so you'll move around seating area quite a lot. Plan for your space with free movement of an office chair in mind. What's most important - you can push your desk where there's no desk access right to the limits (like placing the desk right to the wall or window) - but you have to have enough space from the side where you plan to have a chair for easy access.

Generally it's considered best to have 3-4 feet of space where you plan to have your chair for ease of access and movement. Don't compromise on that space - it's probably the most important measurement you'd need to take.

Choosing Office Desk Style

If you plan to use your desk for mostly writing work, you'd have to a piece that has wide, open and generally large open surface. Traditional materials like wood or laminate would work better in this case. Traditional desk rectangular shapes are not a brainer either.

white finish contemporary desk w/ glass legs

Contemporary styles can be very sleek, but useful

For a heavy computer usage you might consider a different type of desk - with plenty of storage and dedicated spaces for computer towers. For desktop computers chassis (towers) can be pretty large and it's wise to choose a table that can easily store a tower on second level beneath table surface. Don't try to fit a large tower to a smaller space - don't forget those things would need an easy of access + solid airflow that you don't want to overlook.

You might also consider office desks that are planned with keyboard ergonomics in mind - some of these have keyboard cutoffs for easier access or keyboard trays that roll from under the main table surface. Latter approach can be questionable since keyboards can differ in size, but in case these keyboard tray work - they're extremely useful. Most desks are 29-30 inches in height, so make sure you have a comfortable height for your hands when you type - that is mostly regulated with your chair adjustable height, though.

It's also worth to pay attention to a desk edge - rolled, smoothed, rounded desk edges would work better for your typing than 90-degree surfaces.

If you're musician or plan to use some larger than usual speakers on your table you might look into even larger desk designed especially for musicians to accommodate your needs. We even have some musician designed tables for sale that feature special built-in racks for your equipment.

For larger sized monitors you would also have to have a wide table surface, so you don't have a monitor too close to your seating position. Surface area that is larger is always better in case you have space for it.

If you prefer completely open and light design you might consider one of standing desks. These have minimal components and easily accessible from any angle.

Storage Options

You may want to carefully consider storage options when choosing your computer desk. If your desk has a lot of drawers, shelves and such it might be too 'cramped' or not easy to move around. It may also impact your ability to freely move your legs or stool.

Storage is, however, absolutely necessary. So, you might want to consider what type of desk you may want - with a plenty of storage / possible hutch / drawers or simple open style where you can, if needed, purchase extra storage like light file cabinets, inexpensive plastic or wooden storage bins and such.

To get extra storage also is easier in most cases than to get rid of unneeded storage - another thing to keep in mind. Choosing a home office might seem as monumental task at this point, but it's actually not as bad.

Choosing Office Desk Shape

If you have limited space or planned access from 1 side (like a door to the room is located to the right or to the left of planned office desk area) you might consider L-shape desk. These work wonders if chosen carefully, since those types of desks allow a lot of storage space.

gray veneer L-shape desk

Example of L-shape desk that provides a lot of storage

For executive style you might consider U-shape desk. Also, we have some office collections that you can browse to grab some extra pieces like file cabinets or office bookcases in same styles as desks that may be very handy.

If you like a lot of storage and typically quite a calm person you can invest in a desk with a lot of drawers. If you love to roll around, you might want to keep those drawers on a sides or even as a separate piece - always consider leg room among other things.

Choosing materials

Nowadays desks are designed in many shapes, forms and finishes, including high-gloss, metal, aluminum, glass, veneer, different kinds of wood, mdf and more. It's not simply a table with a drawer anymore. All of desks today are carefully designed with a lot of ergonomics and everyday multi-hour usage in mind. Just see what works in your specific case and don't be afraid to experiment and plan.

For contemporary furniture lovers, high gloss, steel, metal, glass materials would work best. There's a large choice of office chairs in contemporary styles to match. Also, reclaimed wood models are very popular lately.

For those a little more to traditional style desks made out of wood will be the best choice. For folks looking for lighter looking casual style desks laminate, mdf, veneers would be a primary choice - these are excellent pieces that visually look 'light' and typically quite easy to handle.

A great office desk will service you for years, doesn't matter if you buy it for your home or office and will be become your work partner providing you ultimate enjoyment and comfy working conditions.

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