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June 21, 2022

How to find answers to your questions?

Furniture choosing and buying can be stressful and complicated. Not as stressful as buying a house, but nevertherless. Sometimes you just need a quick answer or a few to your most common questions and here's a little guide to help you.

Here at comfyco.com we're not looking to necessarily make a sale, we're looking to help you! That's why we can quite proudly say that we answer 99% of the questions in pretty timely manner - you can expect an answer within minutes during business hours and next business day. In absolute most cases ;)

However some of those questions we can't answer right away - those have to be directed to appropriate factories and they sometimes can answer these ... for quite a longer time.

In any case most of the furniture is not bought overnight, so it's totally fine. Make sure you have all your questions answered in order to make a right decision about your purchase.

comfy couch

Answer all your questions with ease before buying

  • First of all, there's amazing FAQ we have that answers most common questions, including the most popular question about showroom ;) Check it out. We always shuffle it and add questions that pop up in there - so the most popular ones are closer to the first position.
  • FAQ is great for overall questions, for product specific ones you'll find a questions tab in every product listing. That's a great spot to ask whatever you want that applies to a specific model. We answer these right away - and your question + answer are posted online so other customers will read it. We honestly love these as those questions/answers are piling up providing more robust and detailed info about specific models.
  • During the business hours we have a livechat open. Check that little icon on right bottom corner and don't be shy to ask whatever you need. We're here to help!
  • Check out Contact page as well. There you can submit your general or product specific inquiry or get our phone numbers so you can call (within business hours as well).
  • There's great Knowledgebase on a website, that covers quite a few interesting things. For example, a very useful guide on how to calculate the measurements if those are not listed, guide covering most common leather types or a little article that will help you to understand dimensions used for furniture listings.

Helping you in finding the information in fast and easy way is one of the primary focuses for us. We're always looking to improve and open to any suggestions.

Don't be shy, drop us a line, that's why we're here for!

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