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December 10, 2023

A Guide on How to Prepare Your Home for Incoming Furniture Delivery

Transforming your living space with new furniture is an exhilarating endeavor, yet ensuring a seamless and stress-free delivery experience requires careful preparation. Embracing a few proactive measures can not only help you sidestep potential issues but also enhance the overall enjoyment of the process. This comprehensive but short and easy to follow guide will navigate you through the essential steps to ready your home or apartment for the imminent arrival of your new furniture.

Measure Your Space Thoughtfully:

Anticipating the delivery date, commence by meticulously measuring the dimensions of the room earmarked for the new furniture. It's advisable to conduct this assessment even before placing your order. Ensuring that the new pieces fit harmoniously within the designated space is paramount. Employ third-party objects like books or glasses to visualize the furniture limits. Take special note of any narrow doorways, hallways, or tight corners that may present challenges for the delivery team. For sizeable items such as beds where headboards are typically largest, pre-built pieces, focus on potential turns and obstacles, especially if navigating a tight second-floor walkup. That is extremely important for king beds. Planning for delivery with precise measurements will prove indispensable for both you and the delivery personnel.

measure your room before ordering anything

The most important part of preparation is measuring your space

Clear the Pathways:

Simplify the delivery team's journey from your home's entrance to the intended room by clearing pathways. Remove any hindrances such as existing furniture, rugs, photos, artwork, or decorative items that could impede progress. Sometimes you'd even have to think about ceiling or other lights. Creating an unobstructed route not only reduces the risk of accidental damage to your current furniture but also ensures a smoother delivery process.

Safeguard Your Floors:

While floor protection is typically optional, it becomes prudent when dealing with bulky or heavy furniture. Lay down safeguarding coverings such as furniture blankets or plastic sheets to thwart scratches or scuffs on your flooring. This precaution gains heightened significance if the delivery involves negotiating stairs. When covering staircases, ensure it's done in a manner that doesn't compromise the safety of the delivery team.

Maintain Open Communication:

Maintain an open line of communication with the furniture store or delivery company in the lead-up to the delivery date. In case of local delivery you can always talk to us directly. Verify the delivery time and provide any necessary instructions or special considerations, such as gate codes or specific parking arrangements. Clear communication ensures the delivery team is well-informed and can plan accordingly. If uncertainties regarding measurements or product fit linger, seek assistance from the experts before placing an order.

Secure Kids and Animals:

Ensure a smooth and joyful furniture delivery experience by taking steps to prevent accidents involving your pets. Secure your furry friends in a safe area during the delivery process, reducing the risk of stray paws and tails underfoot. This not only makes the delivery team's job easier, but it also allows your pets to eagerly explore the new furniture afterward! New furniture deliveries bring excitement to everyone, especially your children who can't wait to be the first to enjoy the new sofa or dining table. Make this moment a special family bonding experience as you share the enthusiasm for your upgraded living space. While the anticipation for new furniture is high, it's crucial to prioritize safety, particularly for your little ones. Remember that furniture items can be large, heavy, and potentially hazardous to children. To prevent accidental injuries, ensure your kids stay at a safe distance from the delivery team, avoiding any risk of small toes getting stepped on.

Thoroughly Inspect Upon Arrival:

Upon delivery, conduct a meticulous inspection of each item before the delivery team departs. Scrutinize for visible damages or defects. Generally, if packaging and boxes appear undamaged, the furniture inside should be flawless. In the event of any issues, document them with photographs and promptly report them to the delivery team.

think about furniture path

Furniture path should be clear of any obstacles. In case of staircases and turns think about those in advance.

Plan for Assembly:

If your furniture requires assembly, equip yourself with the necessary tools and clear assembly instructions in advance. Consider preparing the designated space for assembly by clearing additional room and ensuring adequate lighting. If the prospect of self-assembly feels daunting, explore optional assembly services provided by us or explore you local assembly service options. There are quite a few assembly service apps exist today that can help you, namely Handy, Taskrabbit and such.

To conclude:

Preparing your home for an incoming furniture delivery demands a blend of foresight, communication, and attention to detail. These proactive steps, from precise measurements to effective communication with the delivery team, empower you to embrace the arrival of new furniture with ease and enjoyment.

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