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November 11, 2022

How to use patterns in interior design?

The application of various patterns is a wonderful and easy way to make any room look nice, cozy, lively, and trendy. Modern patterns are not just diverse. They might be used for walls, floors, furniture, and even ceilings. Read our useful tips to know how to successfully select and combine them.


Types of patterns

There exist many different variations of patterns. The most widespread ones are as follows:

  • Geometric patterns. They are extremely trendy and very pleasant to the eye. With geometrics, we can create awesome interior designs, which make an ambiance of visual order. There might be 2D and 3D structures. The variations include angles, points, repetitive shapes, and lines. By adding geometrics to any interior, we can easily revive and refresh the room.

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  • Stripes. Such patterns include mostly horizontal or vertical lines. They always look stylish and elegant. Besides, with the help of stripes, we can easily change the visual perception of the room. Depending on the type, they can make it wider or longer, which is a perfect solution for small spaces.

  • Florals. They include various types of nature-inspired elements - flowers, petals, leaves, branches, etc. Such prints add a feeling of calmness, harmony, and naturalness. With florals, it's easy to create a romantic, cozy, and fashionable design.
  • Animal patterns. These are extremely bold types of prints, which allow creating a bright spot in the room. Such patterns might include animal fur/skin, sometimes with a very realistic photographic representation. It's important to be careful with such patterns in order not to overdo. Animal prints are better for large spaces.

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  • Complex patterns. They include mixtures of different patterns - usually crisscrossing or diagonal lines. Such a solution might look too much for small areas because it makes the room visually smaller. However, for open and large spaces, it's a perfect choice to create a trendy design with a dominating pattern.

  • Motif patterns. They are abstract repetitive patterns, which are able to add a sort of continuity to the design. Such prints look like a piece of modern art, which also creates a unique atmosphere in the room.


Tips for effective use of patterns

If you want to become a designer of your house, it's important to know how various patterns work and how to use them in the right way. With our expert tips, everyone will be able to create a unique and successful design:

  • Florals never go out of fashion. Such patterns were popular in the past. And a few decades later, we can also watch the boost in their popularity. Various types of floral patterns help create a romantic and vintage feeling, a trendy and elegant look, or fresh and inspiring decor. Everyone who needs certain naturalness, and a breath of fresh air should opt for florals. They look nice on walls, floors (area rugs), and even fabrics (sofas, pillows, quilts, etc.).
  • Find a balance. It's crucial do not to overdo and successfully mix various patterns. First, not pile them up in just one spot. Try to spread them around the space. Remember that not just the types of patterns matter but also their colors. Make certain their hints match the selected color palette.
  • Mix patterns carefully. It's okay for today's design to combine several different prints (except for the boldest ones). Choose, for instance, geometric and motif patterns but choose a single-color palette for them. As a result, they will look harmonious.
  • Take the amount of space into account. There's a rule of thumb - the larger the room is, the bigger patterns should be. If the size of your room is comparatively small, it's better to opt for smaller prints.
  • Define the items/places where patterns will be used. It's first better to choose 2-4 patterns and define, where they will be presented. It's possible to nicely refresh the room by adding prints to pillows, drapes, or carpets. Another option is to make a bright spot and a certain statement by choosing furniture (for example, a sofa and sideboard) or wallpapers with patterns.
  • Be careful with tropical. They are able to create a very inspiring atmosphere as if you're surrounded by lush greenery. Feel free to use tropical wallpapers and quilts and add a few accessories (or plants) as well. However, the design should be obligatorily diluted by neutral colors and prints (a gray color and stripes, for instance).


Patterns are a very effective way to change the perception of the room, enlarge the space, and create a unique design, which can underline your taste. Learn how to work with different patterns correctly and successfully use them for interior decoration.

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