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June 11th, 2009

Klik-Klak system - how it's made and what it's used for

This simple and effective system had to be invented. Yes, yes, we are not going to argue - most modern homes are quite limited in space and sometimes people need very versatile furniture pieces that can be either beds or a sofas! More than that, most of the time it is really useful to have one of these pieces at your place - extra sleeping spaces come in handy.

Klik-Klak is simplest and thus most effective inner mechanism to turn you bed into a sofa and vise-versa. It was invented in Asia, where minimalistic designs along with durability and simplicity were always at awe. In modern world klik-klaks are mostly used in so-called sleeper sofas or sofa beds.

Principle is very simple. If your sleeper sofa is in seating position, you have to pull its back till you hear a click. Then you should let the back of the sofa slip to sleeping position. When it's in sleeping position (completely flat) you should pull it into same direction until you hear a click (klik). When you hear it inner mechanism is locking the back of the sofa in this designated phrase, so it will stay up. It's all that simple as that!

Most of sleepers, or klik-klaks as they are called sometime, have 2 positions - seating and sleeping. Sometimes, however, it has a middle position (approx 45 degrees to the floor), providing extra comfort and versatility.

With system that simple and effective, it's no surprise klik-klaks or sofa beds are so popular. They are much more affordable than regular sofas and provide 2 vital functions at the same time - what can be better? We have a wide selection of sleepers on our website, both leather and fabric (microfiber).

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