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April 26, 2022

Farmhouse Style

Furniture tastes, concepts, preferences and mottos come around in cycles. Typically, trends tend to last for a few years, sometimes even a decade, but popularity of one single approach thins out and new thing comes around. In most cases this 'new' is not really new, but style that's been known for ages, that does a little bit more contemporary spin is again, in frontlines.

Last ~5 years we can clearly see an increased popularity in farmhouse style designs. More and more brands introduce whole new lines that take advantage of this style and for now (2022) this trend doesn't seem to stop.

As a counterpart to 2000-s styles of high-gloss, glass, sleek contemporary designs, farmhouse style offers more down to earth, simplistic, natural approach that resonates with a lot of customers. That also applies to places that naturally tend to choose contemporary designs, like modern high-rise style apartments - we see more and more farmhouse style share for these designs as well.

farmhouse style dining

Staple of farmhouse design: dining table with 'rough' edges

What is Farmhouse style? What are main characteristics?

As name states, Farmhouse is style that tends to get overall look and feel of farmhouse design. Main focuses are: simplicity, functionality, imperfections, rustic surfaces, as much natural or solid wood as possible. Reclaimed style, rough wood is also a staple.

There are some design approaches within a farmhouse style itself, like industrial, coastal, country style, cottage - all these styles pretty much are part of farmhouse style, difference is in details. Industrial style tends to use more metal to create factory-like look; cottage style is more feminine approach to design and so forth.

farmhouse style tv stand

TV Stands or any cabinets can look especially great when done in rustic wood

More and more customers think today that this style works especially well in creating warm, cozy, rural home feeling, which is appropriate aesthetics even for a big city place. No bright colors, no unnecessary and unusable features and design elements, natural shapes, wood and simple lines - these are main characteristics of farmhouse style.

What furniture is typically made in farmhouse style?

While this is a topic of another discussion, we think most furniture types that use this approach are tables, including dining, coffee and accent tables of all kinds + cabinetry. Various buffets, displays, servers, hallway pieces, tv stands; dressers, chests and so on.

cabinet in farmhouse style

Cabinets in farmhouse rustic style can be used stand-alone almost anywhere

A good chunk of bedroom furniture also utilizes farmhouse style approach: this can give a whole room (bedroom) a distinct country feel. Some people however think rustic farmhouse is not very good for a bedroom since it's going to be 'too rough' and try to keep this approach for dining area only - personal choice. We love farmhouse in bedroom too: we're not talking about extreme examples here like pallet beds and such.

What materials are used?

Primarily - wood, including mahogany, hardwood, pine, walnut, chestnut and more. We know that real solid wood is exceptionally expensive; reclaimed wood is very expensive too, so you can expect to pay more for real wood products any day. High-density pressed wood, mdf and such are also used but in lesser degree than in more casual furniture.

For industrial and rustic styles galvanized steel is used very widely, quite often painted in black or really dark tones to match natural finishes of wood parts.

What we also like about farmhouse style is that some minor imperfections, damages, scratches, etc. look very natural on this style of furniture as it's almost a part of its intended design. Do not worry about your furniture too much, it's just furniture; its main purpose is to be functional and serve for years - this overall message farmhouse style transmits deeply resonates with us and honestly speaking we do agree.

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