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September 1, 2022

Latest trends for the living-room design

Everyone wants to have a stylish and comfortable living room, which will become a reflection of the owner's personality. To make the interior really successful, it's important to follow certain rules, while to make it nice to the eye, it's important to know the latest trends in the world of design.

Planning and Decorations

It's vital to understand that a living room is actually the center of the house. it's a focus of attention, which is why it's better to take care of a suitable design. There're all-time things, which should be considered:

  • Layout
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Decoration

All of the above should be considered in terms of one general idea to create a nice image of your living space. Besides, when thinking of a concept, it's recommended to reach comfort, intimacy, welcome, practicality, and durability.

Let's look at the key steps of planning:

  • Furniture layout. It's necessary to think about enough free space to provide the required traffic flow in the living room. For instance, in small drawing rooms, it is better to avoid locating the furniture in the corners or near the walls. Thus, you'll have more free space in the center. The best idea is to create furniture grouping and locate it around focal points (for instance, such as a fireplace).
  • Budgeting. It's better to consider the financial issue beforehand to be able to correctly allocate the money.
  • Inspiration. We can't pick the ideas out of the air. Thus, a certain ground for future design is required. There're millions of pics on the Internet. Besides, it's a nice idea to look for inspiration in modern interior design magazines.
  • The function of the room and parts of it. A living room might be used for several purposes, so it's better to think of them beforehand. Make sure the selected design meets all the requirements and make corrections if necessary.
  • Color scheme. There're dozens of ready-made palettes available. Select one and arrange every shade. It's not obligatory to use all the given colors. You can make a simpler design and just add accessories to complete the image of your drawing room.
  • Flooring. It's required to think about the type of flooring first. Wood is always the best choice. However, there're a few alternatives like stone, porcelain tiles, or vinyl. Besides, consider adding an area rug, which will add textures to your interior.
  • Furniture. Consider a desirable style and carefully choose all the elements. Remember that color palettes should be considered here as well.
  • Lighting. It helps create a special atmosphere and even different moods. Think of ambient, task, and accent lighting.
  • Window decoration. Curtains might help widen a color palette and add a special charm.

Top Trends in 2022

To help you make a drawing room trendy and up to date, we offer the latest trends used by professional designers in 2022.

Add more mirrors

It's an old but very effective technique, which makes it possible to maximize light and space. Thanks to mirrors, you can make lights and surfaces softer and smoother.

mirrors in design

Mirrors will always add up to your room design.

Paint is the way!

More designers today tend to use paint instead of natural surfaces or wallpapers. For instance, blue-colored book storage, which is supplemented by the elements of sofa upholstery, creates a sense of lightness and naturalness. The walls painted in white, or any light shade might create a special play of light and make the surface shine.

Don't be afraid of clashing shades

It becomes more popular to use clashing colors in a living room design. The right choice allows you to create a very joyful image. Thus, the room can become both lively and comfortable. The most successful combinations are:

  • Green and pink
  • Blue and yellow/orange
  • Pink and velvet.

green on pink

Green on pink always looks amazing.

Take benefit from bold shades

Many people are afraid of such colors. However, modern designers assure they are a nice choice for a living room. They allow adding some energy and vividness to the interior. You can, for example, make the walls blue and add certain accessories and furniture of the same color but in various shades.

Natural wood is beyond time

It seems that wood has become out-of-date in recent years. However, today, we see its revival. It always adds warmth and coziness to the interior. Thus, the choice of wooden flooring is universal. Rustic styles are top nowadays.

Add more life with textures

It's the right time to play with tactile surfaces. Thanks to them, the design of a living room becomes more interesting and vivid. It's a good idea to create textural contrasts as well - for example, gloss and matte.

Florals are on top

In recent years, various floral motives have been popular for interior decor. However, the latest trends require more calmness, simplicity, and delicacy. More natural floral prints might be used for furniture surfaces, curtains, walls, etc.

Don't forget to always use fantasy to make your living room special. Experiment. The latest trends presuppose the resurrection of many out-of-date concepts and still call for more bravery in what concerns colors. There's no need to be limited by a palette anymore to make your drawing room cozy. Add more life to a living space and make it comfortable for you.

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