Fairfield, CT
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May 8, 2019

Mirrored Furniture

Everyone loves shiny... ! That is quite a true. With latest technologies, we see an increased popularity + demand for mirrored furniture everywhere, so we've decided to take a closer look.

Mirrored Bedroom

There was some experiments with mirrors on furniture for a long time, but only lately (2017-2019) we can see an increased trend and overall public interest for mirrored furntiture. Technology develeloped quite nicely to cover an increased demand - mirrored products were known to be extra-fragile or not that useful on a long run because of increased sensitivity to breakage - not anymore.

Mirrored console / display

First of all, a real, heavy glass mirrors are rarely used now for this furniture: they tend to use tempered, fortified glass instead, that weights less. Besides a newer, stronger glue solutions are used to keep the pieces of mirror connected for literally years to come, so you shouldn't worry that this piece of glass would break or unattach at some point. Factories do produce a lot of those mirrored pieces nowadays, so they know what they're doing.

Jade mirrored console / hanging mirror

Typically, most mirrored product belong to diisplays / consoles / coffee tables market. There are some beds that also use mirrored panels quite heavily. A lot of people are concerned if mirrored panels furniture is great to have for a long run - the most raised question is mainanence + cleaning. We're glad to report than no one reported any increased maitanence time for mirrored stuff or any specific problems with this type of furniture. Once you get it delivered and it has no damages - you'll be a happy mirrored furniture for years to come!

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