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March 16, 2022

New Sleek Sofa Beds from Casamode

Not a secret that for every year we update all lineups for all our brands. This may take ... errr, some time - especially in crazy times like this. With all this COVID craziness, most of the manufacturers had delays or major problems with updating their lineups, hiked prices few times during the year. Some of the brands were forced to search for new suppliers or completely / partially change their lineups.

Casamode (Ottomanson) impressed us immensely with their new lineup for 2022 year. They mostly manufacture convertible sofas of all kinds that stand out and also last. Convertible - meaning they all convert to beds. Lets take a look into some of the brand new models they're having for this year.

2022 Casamode models

Overall trend: new influx of glam, low-profile models that look absolutely bonkers! For instance, check this new Almira set, comes in few colors, but looking absolutely killer in blue, just check out those legs!

almira blue set

Blue fabric glam low-profile set

Some striking designs including Moda new model, absolutely gorgeous product:

moda light beige set

Light-beige low profile set w/ gold legs

For casual models, there's plenty of new models too, even in some bright colors, like this Ruby set in red:

red casual style set

Ruby - one of many living room set, in striking red fabric

Sectionals are represented in variety of new models, contemporary styles like Angel sectional:

green low-profile sectional

Angel in green (other colors available) is perfect example of contemporary style

There are also classic designs with Middle Eastern flare, Casamode is Turkish company, so no surprise there:

americana brown sectional

Middle Eastern motif sectional looks interesting and unusual

There are few models for 'smaller' sofa beds that feature pull out sofas instead of regular 'book' style. These are incredibly stylish, perfect for smaller spaces, guest rooms and kids' rooms. Usually, these types of products are not really eye catchers, but not this year. Just check out a new Speedy variant:

speedy gray sofa bed

Pull-out loveseat sofa bed

Overall there's a great variety if new models for one of the top manufacturers of sleeper style furniture, Casamode. Click here to check all Casamode sleepers, Casamode sectionals & Casamode Sofas & Sets. Quality gets better and better every year and design-wise they're improving every year.

We couldn't be happier with 2022 lineup. Great for almost any living space. You can play out with style, depending on your personal needs and designs. Great lineup overall - we didn't touch even a fraction of it here.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy it too.

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