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April 7, 2022

Our delivery services in New York

New York, New York. A famous song starts playing in a head. One of world's top cities by all means, financial and cultural center, one of United States major areas of industry & commercial activity. A true metropolitan city and jewel of the Western World.

It's not a secret NY along with New Jersey is one of the top logistical centers of United States. New York city itself due to geography can't fit all the needed infrastructure - so a lot of business servicing NYC and surrounding areas are located in Long Island and New Jersey. A lot of New Yorkers think NJ is just a NY's warehouse - not true, folks, not true.

Our business started in New York in 2006, so it has a very special place in our hearts. As East Coast city with rich history New York still has a lot of older charming places. City that never sleeps is always in process of rebuilding, new construction, improvement - and this brings a lot of infrastructural challenges to city and new yorkers.

NYC inhabitants are used to it, however. They love and used to challenges of every kind, that includes older buildings, narrower staircases, tiny rooms, one-way roads, insufficient parking and a lot of other issues many people in other cities never heard of. As a business that services NYC almost daily, we are up to these challenges too!

We completely understand that sometimes you may have doubts about certain furniture model delivery to your specific location - we always ask customers to contact us with any doubts before placing an order. That is especially important if you have walkups, staircases or tiny rooms, quite common for NYC.

Every person in New York knows deliveries of heavy, bulky products that includes furniture to a city can be a challenge, so normally they are well prepared for it. Manhattan is especially tough place - everyone who drove a car in Manhattan during the business day knows it. It's almost impossible to have a car or van parked, even harder for a truck. In a lot of cases truckers need to take advantage of double parking - quickly finishing delivery or drop-off, before getting ticketed.

Also, every driver in NY knows how strict rules about street cleanings are - which adds up to parking and traffic issues.


Manhattan deliveries can be really challenging - a lot of traffic and no parking

There's also extra effort needed to get access to buildings and businesses in a city, even for a simple drop-offs. Most of the cases companies and individual customers would need to reserve a time slot with building management + require a COI (Certificate of Insurance), which adds up to overall delivery headache.

Other boroughs of New York are slightly easier to deliver to: Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens are better for delivery trucks and vans (depending on the area, obviously) since ifrastructure has more space to be built - by infrastructure we mean streets, bridges and roads, mainly. Staten Island is technically a NYC borough too, but it's much more 'relaxed' place in delivery sense, so Staten Island deliveries are usually relatively easy.

overview of brooklyn's coney island

Other NYC boroughs including Brooklyn are serviced by our crews too

We do go to NYC few times a week, obviously trying to combine as many deliveries to a certain borough as possible. In most cases, during the business day it's quite hard to travel from one part of the city to another, so we may offer you some timeframes that do work best with other deliveries or switch your job timeframe to another delivery day.

Of course, we also service large NYC surrounding areas like Long Island and Westchester county (Yonkers), but that happens more rarely than NYC itself. For some of these areas customer would need to wait a little more for deliveries, which is to be expected.

New Your City is the heart of New York, but it's located at the very bottom east corner of the enormous New York State. A lot of customers from New York state expect the same level of service from us, but in most cases even if it can be done, you would need to wait.

New York state is so huge; some areas can be reached only after 7-8 hours of constant drive time one way - so for most customer we can only offer a shipping service. In some cases, special delivery can be arranged.

Despite crazy traffic, enormous people mass, a bulk of older buildings and challenging places we absolutely love New York and will continue serving it with pleasure. Our NYC deliveries incur small fees, which are totally reasonable for one of the most challenging cities to drive and deliver to.

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