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September 5, 2022

Nightstands: functional or decorative

The majority of people have already gotten used to the idea that nightstands are an integral part of any bedroom interior design. However, there're those who don't see anything useful in such furniture. For them, it's just something that occupies the space or might work as a decorative element, which makes the room cozier.

Let's observe the issue of nightstands, discover the ways to use them in the interior, and find out their true purpose.

The essence of a nightstand

This type of furniture is also called a night table. It's created to be located beside the bed in a bedroom. Surely, modern trends allow placing the item elsewhere. However, the traditional design requires choosing a pair of nightstands for every side of the bed and placing them symmetrically.

Such furniture is comparatively small and doesn't actually give much space. It might offer two or three drawers and a surface, which might be decorated with accessories, plants, or other elements people like.

Many designers claim that without a night table, your bedroom won't look complete. While your bed is always a central point (especially if it is a queen-size bed), it requires certain additions to take a complete picture. Despite such importance for the interior, nightstands are very functional.

gray night stand open

Mainly nightstands are used for storage.

The functions of nightstands

We always need to have certain items beside us even at night. And nightstands are very helpful for such a purpose despite a small storage space. The things we might need are actually small:

  • Mobile phones
  • Lamps
  • Pills
  • A glass of water
  • Wipes
  • Books
  • Eyeglasses, etc.

Thus, night tables are very functional for everyone. They allow not just keeping everything around in order but also having quick access to items at any time.

black nightstand

Often these pieces are used for decoration.

Decorative Issue

We can't forget about the role of the nightstand in the design of a bedroom. Such furniture adds aesthetics to any bedroom and makes the design complete, well-balanced, and natural. What's more, night tables might be decorated in many different ways to make the room look unique and trendy.

Professional designers offer a few decoration tips to make your bedroom look harmonious:

  • Use identical lamps for every nightstand
  • Add simple but meaningful accessories (it might be pictures, statuettes, or something that gives inspiration)
  • Supplement the design with pieces of greenery (it will make the design livelier and fresher; the best idea is to have fresh or decorative flowers)
  • Think about the variety of heights (when choosing the items described above, choose different heights to make them look balanced).

Choosing a nice nightstand for a bedroom

You have already understood that night tables have both functional and decorative meanings for a bedroom. The key thing now is to make the right choice. The diversity of such furniture is great, so it's required to know the basics:

  • Think about the size. It's crucial not to go too far. Estimate the space every nightstand can occupy in your bedroom. In addition, pay attention to the general image of the room. It's not recommended to buy too large night tables. However, very small ones might also look ridiculous. It's better to choose the 'golden mean'.
  • Select the best material. It's recommended to pay attention to wood because it always works for the bedroom interior. It adds warmth and coziness. Besides, such material is long-lasting. Among nightstands made of wood, you can find various models in diverse designs to complement your room. Pay attention that the furniture should match your bed to make a composition.
  • Consider the used color options. The color scheme should obligatory be observed when choosing the color of your nightstand. It's better to select smoother shades to make the furniture blend with the general design. They shouldn't distract too much attention.

Night tables are presented with great diversity, so everyone can find an item, which will suit a bedroom and its style the best. Nightstands are an important part of the interior, which carry both functional and decorative roles. However, it's important to naturally integrate them into the space. Follow our useful tips to make your bedroom trendy and more functional with affordable pieces of furniture.

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