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September 19, 2022

Organizing a workspace for kids

The organization of a place where children can do their homework, play learning games, or make things from plasticine is crucial to let the imagination, mental facilities, and various skills naturally develop. Every parent should know which items are integral parts of a workspace. Today, we will tell you about the most comfortable and practical furniture, important items to add, and designs to use for your kids' homework station.

workspace for kids

Stylish & functional - that's what everyone wants

What furniture do you need?

For any workspace, it's important to provide enough storage space to keep everything in order. It will help forget about regular questions, like, 'Where's my book?' or 'Have you seen my pen?'

The first thing to consider is the place where the homework station will be located. It might be a separate room or just a free space in one of the other rooms (for instance, at the nursery).

When you have space, it's required to take care of the furniture:

Choosing a desk

Sometimes, desks can be a part of kids' bedroom sets. It means that they have the same design as a bed, dresser, wardrobe, and other possible elements. However, people prefer to purchase furniture for a workspace separately. The choice depends on many issues:

  • If you already have shelves and a bookcase, you can choose a minimalistic desk without additional elements. Besides, it's also a good solution for small rooms.
  • If you still need some space for storage, opt for items with integrated shelves.
  • If you need to store more books and notebooks, choose more extended variations with shelves located above the desk. It's also a good choice for small rooms because those shelves don't occupy additional space on the floor.
  • If you choose a desk to serve for a long time, there're growing models, which are able to change their height. Such items are extremely ergonomic and stylish.

Another important issue is material. It's perfect if a desk is made of hardwood or solid steel without sharp edges.

Selecting a chair

It's required to correctly choose the type of chair. It might be equipped with wheel casters or stay firmly on its legs. Chairs can be made of wood, stainless steel, or aluminum. If you need a growing chair, wooden models are not an option. You can either choose a kid's growing chair or a standard office chair.

Pay attention to the quality of details and mechanisms. Besides, don't forget about the design, which should match the table and surroundings.

Effective ideas

Various families have different opportunities. Some of them have two or more children, having only a few available square meters. We want to offer several ideas for a workspace organization for various situations:

  • Under-the-bed workspace. For those who want to save maximum space, it's a perfect decision. Such a zone might be created with the same principle used for a bunk bed. Instead of it, a workspace will be located, while the main bed will be rested above.
  • Family-friendly space. Such a solution is universal, which means that every family member can easily adapt it in accordance with the requirements. The only thing is to define the time appropriate for everyone.
  • Long-table workspace. When you have more than 2 kids, it's challenging to create a separate workspace for each one. A long desk is a perfect option, which will additionally allow group learning and help work on various school projects more effectively.
  • A workspace for two children. There're many interesting solutions for 2. It's possible to purchase a ready-made desk. If you are searching for something extraordinary, you can order a long table to occupy the space by the window. Another option is to combine two identical desks. The latest will require more space though.
  • A workspace below the stairs (hello, Harry!). If you want every corner of your house to be functional, this option is just for you. Small desks will look nice in such a place. In addition, you can add a few shelves and a small bookcase. Decorative elements are also welcome. Don't forget to take care of proper light!

Workspace for children is one of the important areas in any house or apartment. Here, it's vital to think not just about the comfort and beautiful design. The zone should provide the conditions for learning and create a calm atmosphere for better concentration. While the nursery might be bright and colorful, the area for learning should be more restrained. Try opting for gray, white, light blue, primrose, and other pastel and neutral colors.

Create a perfect corner for kids so nothing distracts their attention from their studies.

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