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February 12, 2022

Ottomans and Creative Ways to Use Them

Ottomans are rather small furniture pieces that are often overlooked by many customers. That's quite a mistake we must tell you! Do not concentrate on main furniture only, ottomans and smaller decor items is what give your place unique look, feel and provide your decor a distinctive character. Without a doubt these little cozy pieces enhance your home in many-many ways.

Where did name 'Ottoman' came from?

Quite a question with an easy answer. Ottomans were brought to Europe mainly from modern day Turkey in 18th century where they were used centuries prior. Europeans liked them and they were quickly called 'ottomans' because Turkey at the time was ... Ottoman Empire!

These small furniture pieces, typically round or square are quite easily guessed to be of an Eastern origin. Even nowadays they are considered to be optional, luxury pieces that are heavily associated with Middle East. You may hear word 'pouf' in some cases but in furniture 'ottoman' has become a de-facto primary name for this type of furniture.

What is main purpose of an ottoman?

It's a cute little piece that can service as temporary bench, extra seating place or a comfy alternative support for your legs when you want to lay down, stretch your legs, smoke your hookah and relax. It has a variety of uses in your living room and can also be used as coffee table in some cases. It's not only 'throw it in front of your sofa' and 'rest your feet' piece.

square ottoman in front of sofa

Some sets have ottomans that match sofa pillows - best case

Also, these pieces are typically so cute, small and inexpensive you can use them pretty much everywhere that has too much of empty space. Seating area is great, but you can have them pretty much everywhere. Have that long corridor that has nothing in it? Place a colorful ottoman somewhere in the middle to the wall and you'll be surprised how different this area would feel.

Some folks even buy ottomans as main seating pieces for porch / dining area or as accent tables that you place at the ends of your couch. You can also get one to keep around your entrance - to help you put shoes on when you're ready to go out. Options are really limitless.

Some ottomans have storage which is quite handy to have - who doesn't like extra storage? Also, you can use them in kids' room or anywhere as a side table, obviously. It's so easily moved around it can be used everywhere with minimal effort.

Can ottoman be used in a bedroom?

These can be used in any room of the house, including corridors and sideways, but in a bedroom it's especially useful. It's very easily reached if you place it near the bed and can be a great assistance when you dress and undress. You may think it's unnecessary extra seating piece for your bedroom area. That's until you get one - it's very handy!

There are sometimes longer ottomans that we typically refer to as benches that are displayed in own category. You can place these benches right at the bed footboard's end and in addition to amazing seating and decor function they will also add up to your bedroom style.

brown leather ottoman

Classic full leather ottoman in brown

How much ottomans typically cost?

That's the best part - ottomans are quite very inexpensive and can be easily found in pretty much any style or color you'd want for a very reasonable amount. Also, those are typically very lightweight and not bulky and can be easily shipped with regular carriers like Fedex or UPS. So, your fantasy is the only limit here.

Can you sleep, seat or stand on ottoman?

Ottomans are designed to withstand a lot of weight. They're not only meant as a local spa for your legs. You can typically stand or sit on them as much as you want.

There are some sleeping ottomans that are either extend to sleeper size or come in a size for sleeping as it is. Of course, these are not meant for sleeping every night.

How do I choose an ottoman?

Ottomans are very easy products to buy and choose. Don't be too serious about it - that's the first rule. You can experiment easily, since again, generally, they don't cost a lot and in worst case scenario (you'd find that ottoman doesn't match the feel of your room) - you can easily take it to another place in your house.

pink rose ottoman

Perfect example in contrasting color choice - pink in light/gray room

Also, try to experiment. Matching exact color with your existing furniture might be quite pointless. You can, on opposite, choose something drastically different, for example an ottoman in some vibrant contrasting color like red, green or white can be a true attention catcher in your room and work perfectly.

You have a dark room, black carpet or heavy, wooden dark brown furniture? Choose white or light ottoman. In case you have light gray or white walls / furniture - bold strong interesting colors would work magic.

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