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September 12, 2022

Sofa upholstery: how to choose and take care of

The choice of sofa is crucial for the design of a drawing room. Modern materials are diverse and offer an impressive choice to house owners. When choosing upholstery, it's required to consider not just the beauty and pleasantness but also practicality. It's because every upholstery requires certain care. Today, we'll observe the top materials used for sofas and the peculiarities connected to them.

The best upholstery in 2022

It seems that the materials used for sofa upholstery are beyond time. However, it's not completely true. Today, you can find sofas upholstered with diverse fabrics. At the same time, there're a few materials, which have been considered trendy in recent years:

leather upholstery example

Leather is perfect upholstery for almost any case

  • Leather. It's a perfect choice for sofas of almost any style. Such material is adored by millions of people (and designers) for its practicality first. Such upholstery can be presented in various shades and textures, which allow you to create a unique design for any room. The only negative thing about leather is that it's vulnerable to scratches. That's why pet owners should think twice before buying a leather sofa. There is quite a lot of leather types available.
  • Cotton. Modern fashion is more about simplicity. And sofas upholstered with cotton are proof of it. At the same time, such material isn't very practical. If there're many people using the sofa, stains will appear on the upholstery very soon. An alternative to pure cotton might become denim or canvas.
  • Linen. This fabric is quite tough and adds a feeling of luxury to the interior. However, it will demonstrate many wrinkles with time. Like cotton, it isn't resistant to stains.
  • Wool. It's the top material among the majority of people. It's quite durable, so pet lovers and parents can feel relaxed. The material creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. Different wool blends are also accepted as an alternative. It's a nice choice for any interior.

fabric upholstery example

Fabrics of various kinds are very popular

Tips for choosing an upholstery

The following recommendations will be helpful for the right choice of upholstery for your sofa:

1. Pay attention to durability. The intensity of usage matters here. Thus, if you have kids, pets, or many family members, it's better to choose more durable materials - for instance, wool or leather. The combination of cotton and polyester is also an option for a big family.

2. Select a suitable color. Consider the color palette used for your room and make sure the sofa will match it. The shade of the upholstery might help make an accent, complete the design, or create a special mood.

3. Consider the choice of prints. It might be nice to choose the upholstery with geometric or other patterns, which accentuate the geometry of the furniture.

4. Choose the style of your sofa. Fabrics can add to the general image. Thus, linen can complete a casual style. In general, it's better to combine traditional materials with classic interiors and use modern fabrics for contemporary furniture.

5. Think about maintenance. Make sure you are able to take care of the sofa with the selected upholstery to help it serve longer and retain its original appearance.

Taking care of the upholstery

The efforts required for upholstery maintenance greatly depend on the fabric selected for the sofa. With certain materials (such as leather), it will be very easy to take care of the furniture:

  • Clean the dust regularly (with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner)
  • Use a leather conditioner 1-2 times a year
  • Immediately eliminate any spills with a dry cloth
  • Make sure to choose cleaning products suitable for leather.

The situation with sofas upholstered with fabrics is more complicated. Every material has its own requirements for maintenance. Thus, it's recommended to pay attention to the label, where the following information will be found:

  • W - only water-based agents and brush can be used. Vacuuming is allowed only when the fabric is dry
  • S - only mild solvents and dry-cleaning products are allowed
  • WS - either water-based or solvents might be used
  • X - only vacuuming or light brushing is allowed. Professional cleaning is also an option.

To avoid the majority of problems and help your sofa upholstery live a long life, follow simple recommendations:

  • Buy a fabric-protecting finish to apply on the sofa right after the purchase
  • Choose a suitable detergent for your type of material
  • Get rid of stains and spills straight away
  • Vacuum and brush the upholstery regularly to get rid of dust.

The choice of upholstery and its color is crucial for the general interior of the room. To make your design look great for as long as possible, it's important to take care of the material used for the sofa. The right choice and simple tips will make it easier for you.

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