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August 15, 2017

How to choose a sofa bed?

Nobody wants a bad furniture. Right? In this article we'll see what to look forward to when choosing a sofa bed - on the cheapest (affordable) pieces of furniture.

Choosing a sofa bed might be tricky. Sofa beds tend to be a temporary / cheap alternative to normally priced, usually better quality, more solidly built regular sofas. We used to think about sofa beds as a product for younger / fresh / just started people who are ... just starting :) Students and alike. But that is not always the case.

Sofa beds are extremely popular. First - because they are usually small and light. Secondly - you can flip it and it becomes a bed... And the main thing - price! Most of the sofa beds are extremely, nicely priced compared to other furniture products. However, not all sofa beds are created equal, and some would obviously serve longer.

typical sofabed

Simple affordable sofabed

First thing to consider when choosing a sofa bed - price. You have to browse, compare, see what all sites sell this particular model for, see similar products elsewhere. You will be surprised to see quite similar products can be quite differently priced on different websites/stores. However, the most important thing to remember about pricing of sofa beds, which is generally very-very true: avoid picking up the cheapest ones! Pretty obvious, but some people completely ignore it. Just take a look and you'll find a better product for $30-$50 extra - that's for sure!

Second thing to consider - overall build quality. The thicker the sofa bed visually seems - the better. Especially thin ones can do as well - but in this case it's important that sofa bed would have supportive leg(s) in the middle of construction. You don't want to jump on that and hear it break ...

Material: it is better to choose some fabrics for your sofabed, especially hard, texturized fabrics like chenille. They are much more durable that artificial leatherette (that can be quite different quality, btw) and also microfiber/microsuede.

opened gray fabric sofabed

Some sofa beds feature queen size sleeper size + storage space

Size. The bigger the sofa bed is - the sturdier it is, usually. However, main thing is always the same. Price. $500-$700 sofa bed is amazing investment that will serve you for years, while some $199 sofa bed most likely, will not last. However, it's always for you to decide, and see what the product you're buying is needed for, for what amount of time, etc. - but those are the main things to consider, when choosing a sofa bed. Make sure you choose it correctly and your sofa bed will never be bad :)

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