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January 6, 2023

The problem of choice: how to improve the decision-making process

The problem of choice is one of the most important problems that people face. We are trying to make the right and most beneficial decision in many cases. However, it leads to a situation when the process of choice becomes endless and finally ruins our mental health.

Why people can't make a choice?

The problem with a choice has deep psychological roots. People are usually influenced by certain factors (either internal or external), which makes it difficult for them to make a final decision. Consider the main causes of such a problem:

  • Fear of failure. We are very afraid to be wrong. It's usually connected with a prior negative experience. When people learned that decision-making leads to more opportunities and further growth, they don't experience indecisiveness. On the contrary, those who feel that decision-making is connected with mistakes and bad choices will have troubles with this process.
  • Influence of people around. Very often, the influence of family and friends has a crucial role in the development of decision-making ability. For example, when overbearing parents don't let kids make decisions independently, such children will have problems with the choice when they are grown-ups. They turn into people, who are very dependent on other people's opinions and want to please everyone.
  • Perfectionism. Another widespread reason that doesn't let us make fast and well-thought decisions is striving for something ideal. It is expressed in various areas of life. For example, you want to nicely decorate and furnish your house. Here, you immediately face an endless choice of colors and shapes. The impressive diversity available today makes the choice much more difficult. As a result, you can't choose a type of sofa to match the interior and keep looking for perfect colors to reach total harmony. Such an eternal choice can make you crazy.
  • The lack of proper knowledge. It's more an external reason, which can be easily eliminated. To make the right choice, it's enough to study the subject and know the basics about it. For instance, when choosing a bed, read about the main varieties and materials, then consider the style of your room and purchase a bed, which will look nice for you.
  • The sight of a bigger picture is lost. It's a frequent case when people get lost in the details. They just lose focus and forget about the main aim that really matters. As a result, they feel confused and can't make a final decision.
choice problems

Endless choice can be quite stressful and unproductive

Why to avoid endless choices?

The problem of choice can be found in almost every 3rd person today. It might be more prominent or slighter. But still, it influences the quality of life. A decision-making problem develops in people, who are used to thinking every step in their life over. The process itself takes lots of energy, while we make dozens of small or great decisions every day. As a result, we feel exhausted and can't (and don't want to) decide anything at all.

When we think about a certain thing for a long time, we feel fatigued. It takes even more energy from us and deprives us of a chance to make the right choice. The situation can become even more difficult when we have to deal with the choice between several similar options.

The main drawbacks of an endless choice can be:

  • Loss of time
  • Loss of energy
  • Impossibility to make clear decisions
  • Absence of satisfaction
  • The development of mental disorders.

Tips to make decisions faster

There're various strategies to get rid of an endless choice problem. Among all the possible methods, we selected a few basic ones, which are able to help everyone boost the decision-making process and make it more effective:

  • Make certain that the problem is well-defined. It should be clear to you what and why you choose one or the other option (color, clothing, furniture item, etc.).
  • Try to use self-control. Willpower is an effective mechanism, which helps people deal with anything. It can also help stop making endless choices. Just define the main options to choose from and make an effort to make a decision without spending days in doubt.
  • Have a clear goal. It's required what you are making a choice for. For example, if you select a suitable sofa color, keep in mind that it just should look nice and pleasant to you. Don't try to create an unnecessary harmony and matching interior. It's only your opinion that matters here because you decorate your house only for you and your family.

The problem of endless choice is able to lead to a dead end and deprive us of a chance to make personal and independent decisions. Try to work on yourself and use your time and energy wisely to live life to the fullest.

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