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February 14, 2017

Tufted furniture design - a latest new 'old' trend.

Tufted furniture design has become one of the trendiest things lately. Well, actually, it was around for a very long time - even in Victorian England those designs were really popular. Then, in 1920-1930s this kind of furniture was a symbol of the class and exceptional quality. Everyone remembers famous Barcelona designs that revolutionized furniture industry.

tufted leather living room set

Tufted backs in diamond or square shapes are quite often used

Nowadays those tufted, diamond-shapes are met everywhere. We can clearly say that in late 2010th - we are facing a new, overwhelming popularity of tufting in furniture. It's used everywhere, even if most affordable sofa beds. Of course, it's one of the primary choices for royal style classic fabric sofas, loveseats, chaises and sectionals.

tufted sofabed

Even sofa beds utilize this latest trend

But the main thing where this style design is used nowadays is beds. Who dreams about tufted high headboard, that occupies a large part of the wall and thus dominates the look of the whole bedroom? Everyone! Some kind of tuftings on headboard are used on about 50% of all modern beds.

headboard in tufted style

Bed headboards are very often use tufted designs

Besides, modern designers are often use all kinds of extra details for tufting themselves. Sometimes they use bright crystals, faux diamonds and similar extra touches to enlighten the tuftings, which works amazingly well. For some people it's too 'bright' and glam though - but most of our customers truly love it.

blue fabric tufted bed

Some tufted surfaces blend well with other interesting design forms

Anyway, it's a true fact, as of 2017 at least - tufted design is latest trend which is going to last for years. We have a huge variety of living room furniture and beds in either leather or fabric to choose from, so it's a plenty to choose from if you're looking for designs alike.

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