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February 23, 2022

No inner measurements listed

Quite often we have customers calling, asking questions or sending us emails with request to provide inner measurements for a specific part, opening, drawer in furniture, floor clearance, arm width and so on. We literally have dozens of these requests every week!

Bad news - we don't know them! Moreover, factories do not know them too.

How is that possible, you may ask? With thousands of products, specifications widely available, how is that you can't find out a specific measurement for the part or opening I need?

Well, in most cases, as you may understand, factories only have overall measurements for products, that we normally display on our website. Manufacturing process is very complicated, in most cases resulting in few chains / smaller production facilities along the route to a main 'brand' - so they simply don't have manufacturing level specs.

Moreover, with thousands of SKUs most of the time product are not on display anywhere so someone could come over and measure something up for you. In 99% it's simply impossible.

There is, however, an easy solution!

Let us help you with that. This solution is 95% accurate, since... you'll see why. It works! And there's no better way to approach this, as far as we know. A very simple method of calculating pretty much any measurement is waiting for you below.


Ok, let's say you need a shelf opening size for TV stand - to know if you DVR or cable box will fit. Very typical and common situation. What would you do?

Step 1 - note overall product measurement in listing. For this TV stand it's 59 x 18 x 18, so the height of the piece is 18 inches.

Step 2 - screenshot or save picture of TV stand (or any other furniture piece you're working on). Try to get as 'vertical', front 90-degree picture as possible, so result will be as accurate as it can be. Here's the perfect front picture.

Step 3 - now, a couple of numbers to write down + to do a little MATH. Don't worry, it'll be very easy.

What we would need to do is to calculate relative length. To do that you can open up your saved picture in any graphic editor, like Adobe Photoshop or similar. There you can either use picture crop or any ruler tools to determine sizes on picture.

We use pixels in this example, but you can do inches, cm or any other lenth measurement you're comfortable with. Now, simple math part.

tv stand inner measurement example

Example on how to calculate shelf opening on TV stand

With crop we do see our TV stand height on picture is 438 pixels. Opening we need a measurement for is roughly 138 pixels. Our TV Stand actual height from given measurements is 18 inches.

Now, very simple proportional formula from high school (you remember it, right?). If height is 18 (438) and unknown is 138 pixels our opening size should be roughly

18 multiply by 138 divided by 438 = 5.67 inches

For safety, it's best to slightly lower these, let's say that opening is 5.5. Done!

What do I do an angled picture with a product?

Same story, pretty much. Just take measurements from picture. Let's assume you need a height of this bed platform, i.e. what height from the floor the rails are going to be?

tv stand inner measurement example

Measuring rails to floor distance

Write down bed height here (68 inches), save photo, open in editor. Measure the distance you need.

It's 159 pixels in our case here, with 782 pixels for overall height. Again, this all can be relative - depending on your screen size, picture resolution saved, and so on.

Little math part:

68 multiply by 159 divided by 782 = 13.82 inches

Easy? Yes, it is!

Of course this is approximation, very close, but approximation, however it measured correctly it can be pretty accurate.

This way you can get pretty much any measurement you need, opening, drawer size, pretty much anything.

We hope this advice was helpful.

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